Dr. Kavitha Kotrappa
General Medicine
For the last couple of years I have been frustrated by how the internet has invaded the way I manage my healthcare practice and how I interact with patients as a doctor. From merely wanting to better leverage the good services the internet has provided doctors... to dispelling the erroneous ways it helps to minimize us. I've always thought there should be a online resource that empowers doctors to freely post their expertise & services... and enables local patients to find them. So I've put my money where my mouth is and created CareRally.com! CareRally.com is a simple website that allows doctors to freely post their: - Practice Specialties - Medical Information & Advice - New Patient Specials - and more! Local patients can then see these doctors in their city... and even if any of their actual Friends have referred them (instead of having to rely on anonymous review sites). Please checkout your city's CareRally today!