Jayme Williams MBA
Email: Jayme730@gmail.com Successfully oversaw the development and opening of two radiation oncology centers. Strong organizational and communication proficiency allowed me to coordinate between administration, staff, vendors, and construction teams. The processes of opening these centers allowed me to use time management, critical thinking and problem solving skills to ensure task completion within specific timelines. Being in a leadership role, I effectively work with multiple physicians, other leadership members and staff members. Other regular responsibilities include dynamic problem resolution and decision making, generating customized reports and leadership presentations. I was responsible for all application operations within our department. CORE COMPETENCIES: Communication Skills Analytical skills Patient Safety Team Leadership Technical Knowledge Business Development Project Management Client/Team Relationships Training Oncology SOFTWARE: Microsoft Office Suite, Word, Excel, Access, EPIC, ARIA, ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Project manager for two start-up radiation centers Protocol & Equipment implementation Budget creation and management Please contact me at (319) 804-5080.