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With over 1 Million+ hospitals and experts in the healthcare field medical directory provides a listing of all doctors across a wide variety if medical fields.


With over 1 Million+ doctors and experts in the healthcare field medical directory provides a listing of all doctors across a wide variety if medical fields.

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The Purpose of NDIS Services for Occupational Therapy

Inclusion of the NDIS and its implementation in the Australian system has been significant for individuals with disabilities and that of participants with autism in particular, in terms of service provision and other support services. NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provide asserted occupational therapy support. The significance of NDIS services during occupational therapy The NDIS Read More

Defending Healthcare Fraud: How to Choose the Right Lawyer

In fiscal year 2020, steps taken to stop healthcare fraud led to more than 1,000 convictions for crimes and almost 800 civil actions. Healthcare fraud is one of the more complex situations that requires defense attorneys with particular knowledge to handle.These lawyers employ a variety of legal tactics, including contesting the government’s interpretation of billing Read More

Exploring Hearing Aid Options in Malaysia: What Are the Top Considerations

In Malaysia, individuals with hearing loss have been embracing the benefits of hearing aid to improve their hearing capabilities and regain their sense of sound. Living with a hearing impairment can present unique challenges and impact various aspects of one’s life. Whether it’s engaging in conversations with loved ones, enjoying music, or participating in social Read More

10 Reasons to See a Doctor for Regular Health Screening

Health screening isn’t just a precautionary measure but it is a preventative healthcare that makes people more aware of their overall health status. Seeing a doctor regularly for health screening comes with several advantages. Read on to learn more about why these doctor visits are essential. Early Detection of Serious Health Problems Health screenings will Read More

How Doctor Answering Services are Helping Transform Healthcare Administration

As the healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, the increasing incorporation of live doctor answering services is mitigating staff workload to a huge extent. Patient calls and emergency dispatches can overwhelm the healthcare staff, thus affecting their efficiency. The top doctor answering service can act as a virtual extension of any healthcare facility or hospital. These Read More

When Do You Start Losing Weight on Semaglutide?

Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery provides prescription weight loss medications including semaglutide. The experts at Allure Esthetic customize your treatment plan and monitor your medical weight loss journey. Weight loss is a constant—and often lifelong struggle—for many people. While lifestyle is important for weight loss and maintaining weight, many other factors contribute to a person’s body Read More

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