1.Dr Abhay Dandawate 

Leading orthopaedic surgeon Dr Abhay Dandawate in Dubai thinks the finest results come from developing a strong doctor-patient relationship and strict adherence to surgical principles. Dr Dandawate has worked in India, the UK, and the UAE for 30 years. Since the beginning, he has been connected to the Mediclinic-Welcare hospital in Dubai.

Dr Dandawate earned his postgraduate degree (M.S.Orth) from the same institution where he received his medical degree (MBBS). He earned from the famed GS Medical College in Mumbai, India. Before leaving for the UK in 1992, he worked in the same medical college as a lecturer and subsequently a senior lecturer.

At the Welcare Hospital in Dubai, he created the Orthopedic department and held the Head of Department for Orthopedic. The operations performed by Dr Dandawate include:

  • Fixation of Fractures
  • Surgeries for the spine, such as discectomies and spinal fixations
  • Joint replacement surgeries for the knees and hips,
  • Arthroscopic surgery for sports injuries involving the knee, shoulder, or ankle, and spinal surgery include discectomy and spinal fixation.

2.Dr Rahul Shivadey 

At Zulekha Hospital in Dubai, UAE, renowned surgeon Dr Rahul Shivadey practises. He specialises in orthopaedic surgery and has more than 15 years of experience. From Uzsoki Hospital in Budapest, Hungary, he pursued his MS and fellowship in arthroscopy and joint replacement. He is skilled in knee and shoulder arthroscopy, ACL and PCL reconstruction, cartilage repair, shoulder surgery, trauma, and spine surgery.

Additionally, he has experience working as an honorary ortho surgeon at a municipal corporation hospital in Nasik road, India, as well as a consultant ortho surgeon at Wockhardt hospital. He has performed more than 200 successful arthroscopic knee treatments. He performed more than 100 disc pathological spine surgeries, more than 1000 large bone fracture fixes, and more than 3000 smaller surgeries, including immediate reductions. To his credit, he has submitted unique research on the treatment of comminuted intra-articular distal radius fracture. He is regarded as one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in Dubai.

3.Dr. Chidananda P. Shivashankar

About 15 years have passed since Dr Chidananda first practised orthopedic and its subspecialties. He received training and employment in Singapore, the United Kingdom, and India in several orthopaedic specialities. He has performed over 2000 orthopaedic procedures, including joint replacement, fracture or trauma surgery, spine surgery, arthroscopic shoulder and knee operations, and more. 

He received his M.S. in Orthopedic and his MRCS Ed fellow in Spine and Paediatric Orthopedic (Singapore). He provides treatment for shoulder, arthroscopy (instability, cuff, and tendon surgery), knee, ACL, PCL, and meniscal surgery, as well as trauma and fracture operations. The Royal College of Surgeons admits him as a member. He pursued an MS after earning his MBBS and was awarded a fellowship from Singapore.

4.Dr Samih Tarabichi 

In the Middle East, Dr Samih Tarabichi, a renowned joint replacement surgeon, is known as the Father of Joint Replacement. After graduating from Damascus University with a medical degree in 1979, Dr Samih relocated to the US to pursue his love of research. He trained and worked for the following eight years at some of the top medical facilities in the nation, including Illinois University. He has 6 US patents to his name and is currently working as a consultant in the Department of Orthopedics at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

He also worked as a consultant for Zimmer International to create the full flexion knee implant. In addition, he is recognised for working with the University of Dundee in Scotland, UK, to make the first shared registration system in the UAE. Dr Samih Tarabichi has over three decades of experience and has successfully completed over 15,000 major operations, 10,000+ total knee replacements, 3,000+ hip replacements, and 1,500+ revision knee surgeries.

5.Dr. Wael Mohammed Al-Sammak

 Dr Wael has worked in orthopedic for more than ten years. He received basic general surgery training at the Royal Medical Services in Amman, Jordan. Before joining Zulekha Hospitals, he worked for 9 years at Rashid Hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He completed his orthopedic training at Jordan Hospital in Amman, Jordan, and received his Jordanian Board certificate in March 2009. From 2014 to 2016, he completed the Arab Spine Society’s Spine Diploma (ASCD). His AO spine fellowship was completed in 2017 at Bad Berka Central Hospital in Germany. Before joining Zulekha Hospitals, he worked for 9 years at Rashid Hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Particular Interests:

  • Musculoskeletal Traumatology in Adults & Children
  • Orthopaedic disorders generally
  • Spinal-related wounds
  • Adult spine conditions
  • Orthopaedic surgery is Dr Wael Mohammed Al-area Sammak’s expertise, and he is currently employed as an orthopaedic surgeon.

6.Dr Rik Kundra

Dr Rik Kundra is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who has worked in sports medicine for over 18 years. Dr Rik was a consultant at an NHS Trust in the UK before moving to Dubai. Additionally, he participates actively in several orthopaedic and sports groups and organisations. Dr Rik’s areas of expertise include joint preservation, complicated knee diseases, and reconstructions. He utilise a conservative strategy and knowledge of the most recent minimally invasive, bone-preserving procedures for knee replacement, surgery, and upkeep.

Dr Rik has assisted countless professional athletes with their knee issues. He is lauded for being a very thorough doctor and his refreshing approach as a surgeon. Orthopedic clinical associate professor Joint preservation strategies are particularly interesting to a consultant orthopaedic knee and sports injury surgeon. He is experienced in biological knee therapies, arthroplasty, sports medicine, and clinical research in medicine.

7.Dr Rami Hamed

Having considerable experience in orthopedic and trauma surgery, with a focus on sports injuries and spinal surgery, Dr Rami Hamed is a well-regarded consultant orthopaedic and spinal surgeon in Dubai who practises at Dubai Health Care City. Dr Rami Hamed has done more than 10,000 instances of endoscopic spinal surgery and advanced arthroscopic orthopaedic surgery throughout his 25-year career.

In 1993, Dr Rami Hamed graduated from Aleppo Medical School. After that, he completed his basic training in orthopedic at Aleppo University Hospitals before completing his education in the UK and working for more than 12 years in centres of excellence for orthopaedic, trauma, and spinal surgery there.

8.Dr. Srikanth Varma Racherla

Orthopedic is Dr Srikanth’s area of expertise, and he has more than ten years of experience. He received his MS from Hyderabad, India’s NIMS Hospital. At Ganga Hospital in Coimbatore, Dr Srikant completed his FNB-Hand and Micro Surgery training, and Sancheti Hospital in Pune, India, awarded him his Fellowship in Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty. Teaching undergraduate and graduate students at several medical colleges was Dr Srikanth Varma’s job and now he work in Dubai. He provide treatment such as 

  • Brachial plexus injuries, hand and upper extremity surgeryMicrosurgical reconstruction
  • Reconstruction after complex trauma
  • Repairs the limbs’ vascular, tendon, and soft nerve tissue
  • Ilizarov and surgeries for regenerating limbs

9.Dr Manjunatha Ganiga Srinivasaiah 

Dr Manjunatha Ganiga Srinivasaiah is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in premier institutions in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, India, and the UAE. He has performed successful surgeries on patients with hip, knee, spine, hand, deformity repair, and sports-related conditions like plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and golfer’s elbow, to mention a few. 

Dr Manjunatha is also active in several associations, including the Malaysian Orthopedic Association and the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. Patients hail Dr Manjunatha as the best orthopaedic surgeon and a physician who went into the finer details to determine the underlying cause of the case.

10.Dr. Borja Merry Del Val 

Dr Borja Merry Del Val is a fellow of the European Board of Orthopedics and Traumatology Netherlands and a consulting orthopaedic surgeon. Before moving to the United Arab Emirates to share his knowledge and experience, Dr Borja began his professional career in Spain. His expertise has primarily focused on joint replacement procedures and sports medicine. 

Dr Borja can be proud of having completed 2,200 hip replacements and more than 2,800 arthroscopic operations. Patients remember Dr Borja as professional, meticulous, and truly concerned about his patients, and they particularly recall him as upbeat and confident.

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