1.Vision Dental clinic

Vision dental clinic is a dental clinic located in Abu Dhabi which is a high technology handicraft production dental facility located in the heart of the place itself. The clinic was designed with the passion towards high end technology and excellent dentistry treatments to deliver true patient satisfaction. The clinic strives to offer high quality service. They mostly carry out routine, aesthetic and implant dentistry procedures in the clinic. The clinic is also keen into increasing competency and patient awareness by conducting and participating in CME programs regularly. The clinic is owned by a Emirati citizen to assist the local population in attaining the optimum level of dental health.

2.Denta Care

Denta care is situated in Abu Dhabi and is an excellent centre for all types of dental treatment. At denta care they offer a wide range of services and specialities for all ages and they have a solution for every dental problem. The doctor team have over 30 years of experience working there and they are all specialised in their field from different places so they provide the right diagnosis for every treatment plan accurate for the patients. Also, their clinic recently had a renovation and with high standard equipments, sterilization, digital imaging technology and elite equipment to assure patients get the right treatment.

3.Apollo Medical Centre

Apollo medical centre is situated in central Abu Dhabi and is one of the leading dental centres in Abu Dhabi. Apollo dental clinic offers excellent multi-speciality treatments for children and adults. They ensure the best dental care for their patients and top-class preventive and cosmetic dentistry treatments for dental health. This dental clinic is also prioritised in offering dental care with affordable rates to the general public also with the highest hygiene and safety standards. In addition to general treatments, they also provide procedures like cosmetic dentistry treatments, missing teeth, acute gum diseases to misalignments and malocclusions.

4.Aspen Dental Polyclinic

Aspen Dental Polyclinic is a dental studio in Abu Dhabi. It is a dental studio providing quality dental care with a personal touch to the patients as well as affordability to the patients. They believe in building good trust with people taking their feel away about dentistry and dental treatment in children and adults. They work in collective along with Government and Private Institution like Zayed Military Hospital and Ministry of Health of UAE. Since it is a small studio, they offer a customized and personalized touch to every patient and it improved time and space management.

5.Diamond Dental Clinic 

Diamond dental clinic is in central Abu Dhabi. It was found in 1992 since it has gained name and reputation among the public. Currently it is a leading health care dental clinic with a highly professional team. The clinic is a well- known clinic in the area. They make patients and providing them with good healthcare and comfortable setting a priority as they serve the best care. Whether patients are coming for a routine check -up or a more complex treatment they ensure to provide the best treatment with their dedicated team of health practitioners.

6.British Dental Clinic 

British Dental clinic is situated in Abu Dhabi and they were one of the first dental clinics to have opened in Abu Dhabi in the late 1970’s. it has been more than 40 years it was established and in the past 40 years they have received so much recognitions and a fair share of accolades. The clinic is conveniently located in downtown Abu Dhabi, also equipped with the latest technologies and caring and highly trained staff members. The staff members are a true mix and there are doctors who speaks almost every language which is also to the convenience of the patients. Other than the routine procedures they also have other complex treatments in practice like cosmetic surgery and smile makeovers to ensure the patients get the right smile to up their confidence.

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