1.Dr.Vimala Lewis 

Dr.Vimala Lewis is a homeopathy doctor practicing in Dubai Herbal Treatment Centre. Dr.Vimala graduated with a Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine in the year 1991 from Fr.Mullers Homeopathic Medical College. Thereafter she worked in many hospitals throughout India in places like Udupi. Then she started her own private consultancy and worked for a while there. Currently she has over 10 years of expertise in the field. Her specialties include acute, chronic conditions, skin ailments, menstrual irregularities, joint complaints, headaches etc. she is apart of many Indian and UAE based associations also. 

2.Usha Khatri

Usha khatri is a MD Homeopathy specialist currently working in Dr.Batras Homeopathic Clinic, Dubai. She had studied Homeopathy from Homeopathic Medical College, India. She has also completed her master’s degree from the same college. She is having so far 12 years ‘experience in field of homeopathy. She has gained excellent patient review from her patients and is a very keen listener and communicator with her patients. her expertise in diagnosing creates the primary trust and confidence within her patients. Her specializations include treating patients with functional disorders, allergies, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, gastric disorders etc.

3.Dr.Bindu Sharma 

Dr.Bindu Sharma is a gold medal recipient homeopathic doctor currently working at Dr.Batras clinic in Dubai. She has graduated in BHMS and then later did her PG in Homeopathy from UK. Dr. Bindu has currently over 19 years of experience. After her graduation she has worked in many a places and then lastly came to Dr.Batras clinic as the Director of Medical Services. Being a part of such a team she ensures that her patients receive nothing short of the best treatments. Her medical expertise is of immense use in the treatment of difficult and much complicated cases. 

4.Dr.Shifa Muhammed 

Dr.Shifa Muhammed is a homeopathic doctor in Dubai currently working in Dr.Shifa Homeo centre in Dubai. She is DHA Licensed homeopathic practitioner and has over 14 years’ experience in the field. She graduated in BHMS-Bachelor degree in Homeopathic Medicine in 2008 from Fr.Muller Homeopathic Medical College and started her private practice immediately after her graduation. She first worked in different homeo clinics in Kerala and later joined UAE in 2018. She is having excellent communication skills and has patient from all over Russia, Romania, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Pakistan, Egypt etc. she also regularly attends seminars and writes publications and attends conferences throughout India and UAE.

5.Dr.Riyaz Badami

Dr.Riyaz Badami is a Homeopathy practitioner who has been practising since early 1997. Dr.Badami has graduated in Homeopathy from University of Bombay, India. He has gained excellent patient reputation in his work since many years and is one of the few doctors who can treat many ailments in Homeopathy. Not only this, he has also trained in other forms of alternative medicine like hypnosis and acupuncture. He knows all the allied and alternative forms of medicine to evaluate and treat every patient’s according to their problems and holistic conditions. He has also extensive practice in Classical Homeopathy with homeopathy in a hospital setting as well as in private practice. He has worked with the top Homeopathic doctors in India such as Dr.Prafull Vijayakar and is also a representative of Dr.Vijayakar Homeopathy School in the UAE. Not only this he is also a part of many publications and has published many books and articles based on homeopathy. He is a regular writer of UAE’s Friday magazine regarding homeopathy. 

6.Dr.Rajashree Rele

Dr.Rajashree Rele is a homeopathic doctor working at Dubai’s Good Living medical centre. He holds the DHA license. She is a doctor with more than 19 years of experience providing homeopathic care to treat both acute and chronic conditions without any side effects. She has graduated in homeopathy from A.M Shaikh Homeopathic Medical College in India with Bachelors. 

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