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As a Primary Care Physician in the field of Integrative Naturopathic Medicine, I enjoy bridging the gap between modern medical practice and natural holistic care. My patients receive personalized medical attention, taking into account important variables such as their care philosophy, financial means, and appropriate level of medical intervention to safely and effectively address their unique risk factors and health concerns. I place high value on a collaborative therapeutic alliance with my patients that includes education and bilateral feedback to ensure proper care and patient safety.

I believe that medicine is more than prescription drugs and surgical interventions, although sometimes it’s appropriate to start there.

I believe that there is a place in a treatment timeline for well-researched and safe herbal medicines and nutrient therapies. I believe cognitive behavior therapy has amazing potential to revolutionize the doctor-patient relationship.

I believe Primary Care is more than annual exams and acute visits. Much of the chronic disease epidemic that faces us today is due to inadequate proactive health maintenance that should include developing a working relationship with a well trained physician, with the goal of optimal health and not just the absence of illness.

I believe it is neglectful for a primary care provider to not be addressing diet, lifestyle, and environmental toxicity factors with their patients. I believe we should be spending time in each visit making sure these important determinants of health are forefront in our patient’s minds.

I believe that risk factors should be identified early, using all available scientific methods, including genetic analysis and advanced cardiovascular screenings.

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