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Dr. Parviz Dolati is a great neurosurgeon who executes around 300-500 major brain surgeries. He has an experience of more than 20 years of performing surgeries on patients with spinal injuries and brain traumas. He has succeeded in more than 30,000 outpatient cases at the hospitals. He is a highly qualified and skilled surgeon who has done special Neuro-ICU courses at the Toronto University. With an intense interest in instrumentation and surgical stabilization of the spine, he managed to perform several surgical and non-surgical treatments for his patients. He also specializes in managing backbone, spinal vascular malformations, and spinal cord tumors. 

Educational qualification of Dr. Parviz Dolati

He has completed the Board of Neurosurgery in Tehran, Iran. And also, he has a Residency in Neurosurgery from Shahid Beheshti University. He got his M.D Degree from popular the Guilan University of Medical Sciences. It is combined with Endovascular and Operative Neurovascular Surgery.

And he got his BIDMC from Harvard Medical School, Boston. Completed his MA in USA, Image-Guided Neurosurgery in Neuro-oncology. BWH (AMIGO), Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA.

Open Cerebrovascular training from the University of Calgary, Canada. He also underwent Neuro-Endovascular/Interventional Neuroradiology at the University of Calgary, Canada.

He was trained in complex Spine Surgery and Scoliosis from the Sunnybrook HSC, Sick kids Hospital, St. Michael and TWH, Toronto University, Canada. And also practiced Neurotrauma and ICU in Sunnybrook HSC at the Toronto University, Canada.

Work Experience

He was serving as the Head of the Neurosurgery Department. And as an Operative surgeon specializing in Cerebrovascular/Endovascular surgery, Goslar Hospital, Guilan, Iran. He has

attended the Neurosurgeries in VA West Roxbury, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, USA. 

He worked as an Assistant Professor at Guilan University of Medical Sciences. He was also a Research committee advisor at Guilan University of Medical Sciences.

Clinical Emphasis

The treatment he is specialized in as follows:

  • He has expertise in Cerebrovascular microsurgery, Intracranial hemorrhages, Acute Strokes Brain Aneurysms, and subarachnoid Hemorrhages. 
  • Arteriovenous Abnormalities that are Congenital, and the Cerebrovascular Diseases Cavernous Hemangioma. 
  • Cerebral Venous Anomalies, Dural Arteriovenous Fistula, Endarterectomy for Carotid Artery Stenosis.
  • Endovascular administration of cerebrovascular diseases: Analytic Cerebral Angiography. 
  • Endovascular organization of acute stroke Coiling of Brain Aneurysms, Embolization of Brain AVMs.
  • Angioplasty and Stenting of Carotid Artery, Stenosis Angioplasty of Vasospasms after SAH, Embolization of Dural AV fistula, Intracranial arterial stenting.
  • Treatment of Giant Brain Aneurysms by Pipeline Flow Diverting Stents, Embolization for Nose bleed.
  • Endovascular administration of Congenital vascular abnormalities, Surgical management of acute stroke cases, Emergency Diagnostic cerebral angiography.
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  • Certifications Canadian Federation of Neurological Surgeons, Associate member
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