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I have always been interested in self-healing beyond the allopathic method of medicine. Discontent with the options that were offered through allopathic medicine in 1995, I sought out my own options. I studied Ayurveda, yoga, herbs and diet, supplements and homeopathic medicine on my own in order to improve my health while I was studying my undergraduate degree in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental, Biology at University California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). UCSC is where I received my second NIH research grant on enzyme kinetics. Fueled with the desire to further broaden my knowledge of herbal medicine, I studied medicinal plants for 6 months, during my 10 months of traveling throughout Latin America, in the jungles of Guatemala, trying to preserve the knowledge of plants of the Mayan Q’eqchi in June of 2001. In the June 2003, my naturopathic medicine education began and received my third NIH research grant on probiotics.

As my academic career progressed at Bastyr University I gained a clear understanding of integrated medicine. I realized health is not always best achieved by merely presenting science-based information to a patient. The challenge as naturopathic practitioner is how to instill this information in order to manifest change in patients’ behavior towards health. My vision for integrated medicine is to seek the best modality that will produce the best results, that is long lasting.

As your practitioner I provide guidance where we both agree on strategies to improving and maintaining your health. As partners we set and accomplish goals by removing obstacles to health, continuously setting goals for health, and ultimately reaching optimal health in every aspect of your life. I see you as a partner to obtaining optimal health. My role as your practitioner is to guide you to devising a plan together to realize optimal health, and live a better life.

Specialties: Naturopathic Medicine

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