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Aditya birla memorial hospital in Pune is a multi-speciality hospital offering the number of cancer care treatment destination in the area presently.With its personalized care, the cancer department in the hospital caters precise oncology procedures and service to its patients.This is with the help of its professional team of specialist doctors. The division of cancer utilizes the next generation of therapeutic methodologies along with its high radiation procedures for all of its oncological treatment and for the same reasons is presently ranked among the first cancer leading centres. The hospital also ensures the finest oncology treatments to its patients that too on an international medical platform. 

Salient features 

  • NABH Certified
  • NABL accredited labs
  • Exclusive brainplan iplan system
  • SRS used for surgeries
  • 265 days available labs
  • 24 hours diagnostic and monitoring service
  • 560 bedded medical centres
  • 45 beds for ICU
  • Da Vinci robot-based cancer methods
  • 15 operating wards
  • High precision radiology services
  • Integrated lab facilities
  • 24 hours service provision by ICU
  • Ambulance pick up service
  • Emergency and accident care team


  • Commando surgery 
  • Whipples surgery 
  • Liver resection surgery 
  • Senital lymph node biopsies
  • Medical oncology
  • Operative oncology
  • Diagnostic oncology
  • Palliative oncology
  • Radiation therapy unit
  • Transplant cancer unit

Team of doctors 

  • Dr.Jayant gawande
  • Dr. Ravikumar wategokar
  • Dr.Sandip bartake
  • Dr.Amol dumbra
  • Dr.Saurabh joshi
  • Dr.Tushar P
  • Dr. Rajeev S
  • Dr.Gajanan kaniktar
  • Dr.Jagdish shinde
  • Dr. Amit Parsnis 


  • Aditya birla hospital, Pune-411033

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