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AMRI Hospital is situated in Kolkata city. The hospital is located 300 meters off the main eastern metropolitan bypass. It is said to be one of the best hospitals overall with its most significant urology department with the best doctors working who have qualifications both from India and abroad. Amri hospital is currently also called the best institutes for chest medicine not just in Eastern India but also throughout the entire country. AMRI hospitals main focus is to ensure quality care to patients suffering from different urology and endocrine disorders related cases. The hospital is also accredited by the local bodies such as NABH, Green OT, NABL etc with more than 15,000 successful surgeries carried out every year. 

Salient features 

  • Established in 1996
  • 350 beds system 
  • Accredited under NABH standards
  • Round the clock pick up service
  • Special assistance offered by nurses
  • Special travel desk support
  • Urology diagnostic center with many blood tests 
  • 560 bedded medical centres
  • 45 beds for ICU
  • Integrated lab facilities
  • 24 hours service provision by ICU
  • Ambulance pick up service
  • Emergency and accident care team

Team of doctors 

  • Dr. Suranjan mukherjee
  • Dr. Ansuman kunhopadhay
  • Dr,Hindol Dasgupta
  • Dr.Subhashish ghosh



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