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BP Poddar hospital is one of the best plastic surgery hospitals located near National library, Kolkata. The hospital is exclusively one of Eastern India’s most largest and biggest performed hospitals in the country and it was inaugurated by Dr.B P Poddar.  The hospital as its name provides the best technological innovations and facilities to serve medical excellence across the city. Not everyone will be interested to have plastic surgery done but B P Poddar is an expert in transformation and creating aesthetic plastic surgery which is mainly transforming appearance and enhancing it. 

Salient features 

  • 500 hospital beds with excellent facilities
  • Accredited by NABL
  • Accredited by NABH 
  • Cleft palate surgeries
  • Reconstructive surgeries done
  • Centre is accredited with JCI standard
  • Has hybrid lab facilities
  • Future ready robotic surgery procedures
  • 560 bedded medical centres
  • 45 beds for ICU
  • Integrated lab facilities
  • 24 hours service provision by ICU
  • Ambulance pick- ups service
  • Emergency and accident care team

Team of doctors 

  • Dr. Vivek Pathak
  • Dr. Arun somasai
  • Dr.Biswas P


  • BP Poddar hospital,Humayun sarani block Kolkata- 700136



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