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Bangur institute of neurosciences is situated in Kolkata and is one of the best profound medical facilities across the Kolkata city. The hospital is engineered with the most ultra-modern facilities and infrastructure and provides top class care and neurological facilities to patients. The staff they have are professional specialized consultants who have majored and done their studies from abroad. The department of neurology offers treatments consisting of brain and spinal disorders and other complicated disorders. The hospital follows quality-based standards and practice in all its areas of neurological treatments.   

Salient features 

  • 750 full scaled beds
  • NABH accredited healthcare centre
  • Exclusive state of art neuro lab
  • Radiology units with high precision imaging devices
  • Special clinic for headache
  • Exclusive stroke clinical
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Availability of full-time helpline services
  • Utilizes stereotactic instruments
  • Neuro radiology units available 
  • Semi-robotic devices in neurosurgery operating rooms
  • 24 hours medical assistance offered  
  • Emergency and accident care team

Team of doctors 

  • Dr. Shyamal das
  • Dr.Goutam gangadar
  • Dr. Tejendra narayan
  • Dr.Atanu biswas
  • Dr.Alak pandit
  • Dr.Deb sankar
  • Dr.Bijan kumar
  • Dr.Sikha roy
  • Dr.Anjana Mukherjee
  • Dr.Manas kumar



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