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BLK Cancer centre was first established in the early 1950 in Delhi and it a multispeciality private hospital also. It is a 200 bedded institute and cancer care centre. At BLK multispeciality hospital they have performed as of now more than 250,000 successful surgeries and serves 14,000 patients annually. The hospital is certified by the ISO group.It is also certified by NABH, NABL and CAP. The hospital is also tied up with LV Prasad eye institute. The BLK Cancer center is ranked as one of the most leading centres of all times for all its specialities and is the top leading center for cancer treatments to its patients. The hospital is set on an international medical platform on many scales. 

Salient features 

  • 560 bedded medical centres
  • 45 beds for ICU
  • 250,000 successful surgeries 
  • Flagship hospital of CK Birla group
  • Accredited by BANH
  • Accredited by CAP
  • Da Vinci robot -based cancer methods
  • 15 operating wards
  • High precision radiology services
  • Integrated lab facilities
  • 24 hours service provision by ICU
  • Ambulance pick up service


  • Breast cancer treatment
  • Cervical cancer treatment
  • Peadiatric oncology 
  • Medical oncology
  • Operative oncology
  • Diagnostic oncology
  • Palliative oncology
  • Bone marrow transplant 
  • Radiation therapy unit
  • Transplant cancer unit
  • Cancer radiology

Team of doctors 

  • Dr.S.Hukku
  • Dr.Shikha halder
  • Dr.Ashish goel
  • Dr.Kapil M
  • Dr.Juhi agarwal
  • Dr.Pankaj kumar
  • Dr.Amit prasad
  • Dr.Amit shetty
  • Dr.Sidharth sahni
  • Dr.Tapaswani P


  • BLK Cancer centre, Rajinder Nagar, New delhi-110005

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