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Derma Medical Center is situated in central Abu Dhabi. It has been running since over a little more than 20 years. The clinic is majorly run by Dr.Dina who is a cosmetic dermatologist and one of the regions best. She had graduated from University of London and later on went onto complete her M.Sc. in Clinical Dermatology also from London’s Kings College.  She is a passionate worker in the dermatology department and also a front -runner in research field. She has brought to the clinic new advancements in technology and findings with her scientific knowledge and approach. What makes the clinic unique, is its top line dermatology equipments and cutting-edge technologies. Its cozy ambiance and spacious clinics gives a personalized touch to patients as that’s what they long the most. 




  • Facials 
  • Rejuvenation of skin
  • Anti -wrinkle treatment 
  • All Skin treatments
  • Again procedures
  • Body contouring  
  • Laser
  • Hair treatment 

Doctors Team 

  • Dr.Dina Sabih
  • Dr.Mohamed
  • Dr.Sail abu saif
  • Dr.Soud Al barawi

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