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Dr.Agarwals eye hospital is situated in the city of Bangalore. The hospital is well known eye hospital and is particularly known for the specialist Dr.J Agarwal who is also the founder of the hospital . The centre is equipped with the latest and ultra-modern technologies for all its eye care surgeries and is one of current best hospitals for cataract surgeries in Bangalore. The hospital is very new and has been established in the late 2000 and has been operating well ever since. The hospital is led by a team of highly trained professionals in their field and has state of the art surgical equipments and everything. Dr. Agarwals eye hospital is specialized for lasik eye surgery, squint treatment, correction, dry eyes treatment. Other procedures that they conduct include IOL, cataract, external disease, diabetic retinopathy, laser correction for vision, macular diseases, neuro ophthalmology and paediatric ophthalmology. 

Services provided

  • Squint correction
  • Cataract 
  • Diabetic retinopathy 
  • Neuro ophthalmology 
  • Macular diseases 
  • Lasik 
  • Uvea
  • Occuloplasty 
  • Vision correction 
  • Corneal collagen cross linking
  • Vitreoretinal services
  • Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Uveitis and ocular immunology
  • Glaucoma

Team of doctors  

  • Dr.Raghu
  • Dr.Srijana Manohar 



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