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Fortis Malar hospital is very much known hospital in Kolkata and has become a renowned name in the healthsector. The department of orthopaedics at the Fortis Malar hospital is equipped with highly experienced team of ortho surgeons and nurses to provide the utmost care and high-quality neuro medical treatment to all its patients. The orthopaedic department is engineered with most recent and advanced surgical techniques and specializations to render operative micro neurological interventions and the department is also backed with state of art medical innovations for comprehensive ortho care. 

Salient features 

  • 180 hospital beds
  • 60 bedded ICU units
  • Separate unit for diagnosis and treatment of joint disorder
  • Arthroscopy for joint surgeries
  • Rehabilitation provided
  • 4 bedding operating wards
  • Utilizes stereotactic instruments
  • Neuro radiology units available 
  • Uses semi-robotic devices 
  • 24 hours medical assistance offered
  • Ambulance pick ups service
  • Emergency and accident care team

Team of doctors 

  • Dr.Anindhu basu
  • Dr.Aswin chowdhury
  • Dr.Avishek ray
  • Dr.Gaurav gupta
  • Dr.Rakesh Rajput
  • Dr.Ronen roy
  • Dr.Sanjay das
  • Dr.Sawra samanta



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