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HCG cancer centre is the centre of excellence for Cancer treatment and prevention based in Mylapore constituency, Chennai. The hospital has been providing Comprehensive Cancer Care to the cancer patients with well equipped and latest technology. The hospital supports the State of the Art technology to achieve the latest research and development therapies. 

The hospital is a tertiary healthcare hospital providing treatment to complex cases with referrals from primary and secondary healthcare hospitals. The various departments of Medical Cancer centre include Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology with Monoclonal Antibody Therapy which is the most advanced therapy available for cancer treatment. It also includes Surgical Oncology with targeted therapies. 


The HCG cancer centre is a world renowned hospital for Cancer Care and Treatment. It has top class facilities with respect equipment, technology and human capital i.e the doctors, the support staff, the paramedical staff and assistants. 

There are many complex surgeries being successfully performed at HCG Cancer Centre like Breast Cancer Surgery, Head and neck resections, gastrointestinal cancer surgeries and biopsies. 

  • Latest treatment facility with Monoclonal Antibody Therapy
  • First centre of India to have used FFF technology (Flattening Free Filter)
  • Can manage most complicated forms of Cancer 
  • FNAC procedure can be conducted 
  • Specialised Lab with latest scans like PET-CT scan, Immunology, Pathology, Real time PCR and many more. 
  • Nuclear scans available
  • State of the Art technology
  • Day care facility also available
  • Skin Cancer Surgery
  • CyberKnife
  • Prostate Cancer Treatment

The services provided at HCG Cancer Centre are the best oncology advancement centre in India. HCG Cancer Centre has made South Asia’s largest Cancer Network providing guided treatments. The centre has around 500 oncologists in centres across India and the goal is to create more such care centres for Cancer Treatment. 

Infrastructure and Facilities

To support the treatment and research for the complex disease of Cancer, HCG Cancer Centre has world class technology like State of the Art technology, well equipped labs with most accurate results, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Breast Reconstructive Procedures. 

The Centre has minor and major operation theatres to conduct Complex surgeries at ease. The Cancer Center also has the inbuilt Pharmacy supporting patient compliance. The technological advances support the world class panel of doctors and facilities of the laboratory. 

Doctors and Staff

The HCG Cancer Centre is the excellence in Cancer or Oncology. This is because of the experienced and skilled professionals along with a team of Nurses, Paramedics, Assistants and Technicians. The centre has achieved milestones in the first hospital to have done Surgic eye, Cyber heart, Hyperthermia and more. The centre has the maximum number of Breast Reconstruction and Conservation surgeries in India. 

The talented and dedicated panel of doctors includes-

  1. Dr.Mohammad Ibrahim M, DNB- Surgical Oncology, Oncologist
  2. Dr.G Amarnath, Diploma- Medical Radiation Technology, Radiation Oncologist
  3. Dr.KR Prasanna Kumar, DNB- Radiotherapy, Radiation Oncologist
  4. Dr.Rajni Gupta, DNB- Radiation Oncology, Radiation Oncologist
  5. Dr.J Balaji, DNB – Radiation Oncology, Consultant Medical Oncologist
  6. Dr. Satish Srivnivas Kondaveeti, MD- Radiation Oncology, Radiation Oncologist
  • Oncology

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