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At JOGO Clinic, we offer world-class rehab care combining the best of technology and clinical science elements for pain management, speech therapy, and urinary incontinence treatments. Our therapies are based on clinically evaluated and evidence-based applications that can treat many neuromuscular diseases and disorders. We use wearable technology and an app built on AI, ML and VR technologies. These technologies are used in developing games and protocols that are adapted into muscle relaxation, neuromuscular, and movement coordination treatments.


We are proud to state that our treatments are clinically proven and are developed in collaboration with the clinical research team at Harvard. Non-drug methods, such as biofeedback and neurofeedback, offer excellent therapeutic results. Daily or weekly treatments are administered to all our patients using our scientifically proven treatment therapies. Patients have experienced significant improvements in their physiological and neurological functions due to these treatments. A multidisciplinary expert team ensures that our clinic offers friendly and clean surroundings and unparalleled patient care. In addition to pain management therapy, our speech therapists have designed step-by-step treatment plans that follow achievable goals. Our facility is located at a prime location in Adyar, Chennai, making it easier for patients to reach us.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Urology

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