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Mediclinic is a hospital in Dubai which is specially suitable for the treatments and care for older adults who are having one or more diseases conditions like recurrent hospital admissions, multiple medications side effects, recent onset dependency, history of hip fractures, behavioural changes, unexplained falls etc. The clinic is lead mainly bt DR.Toba Elegbe and is fully dedicated to the management health issues of older adults above the age of 65. The clinic also offers comprehensive assessment, osteoporosis and dementia screening and management, stroke risk assessment and modification, frailty management, advice on immunisation for older adults. 




    • Chronic, multiple or complex medical problems
    • Recurrent hospital admissions 
    • Multiple medications experiencing side effects 
    • Recent-onset dependency 
    • History of hip fractures
    • Difficulty performing daily activities
    • Behavioural changes like confusion and memory loss
    • Unexplained falls
    • Gait and balance problems
    • De-conditioning from acute or other illness
    • Non-specific ill-health
    • Nutritional issues
    • Unexplained weight loss 
    • Vitamin deficiencies
    • Bowel or bladder problem
  • Frailty
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Dementia evaluation 

Team of Doctors 

  • Dr. Oloruntoba Elegbe



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