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Nanavati super speciality hospital in Mumbai is a carved health care sector with a highly respectable name for itself through the years since its establishment in the area since 1950. From being a small sapling to growing to a full-fledged multispeciality hospital, Nanavati hospital has come a long way in its achievements. Initially it was a 50 bedded hospital but now it has 352 bed facilities. The care units in the hospital includes every imaginable treatment, from general medicine to accident management and critical care. The cardiology department is also well known in the hospital for its staffs and treatment provided.

Salient features 

  • Recognized by NABH
  • Accredited by JCCI
  • Comprehensive health checkup packages for patients
  • Catheterization laboratory 
  • Congenital heart defects, device implantation procedures 
  • Ambulance and advanced life support system
    • 24/7 availability of ICU
    • Lab tests available like TSH stimulation, blood sugar fasting, OGTT, semen analysis, TSH
  • Ambulance and equipped advanced life support
  • Lab and blood bank 
  • Lab tests available 
  • Ranked among top 10 multispecialty hospitals
  • NICU available
  • Standard practices of hygiene 

Team of doctors 

  • Dr.Rajiv bhagwat
  • Dr.prartha sarathi
  • Dr.Sandeep tulsidas
  • Dr. Sanjeev yashwant
  • Dr.Nand kumar
  • Dr.Yash wala
  • Dr.Abhishek laxman
  • Dr.Akshay mehta
  • Dr.Bhupen desai
  • Dr.Darshan jhala



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