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The New Jersey Gynecomastia Center, run by Dr. Paul Rosenberg MD and Dr. Abraham Pathak MD, specializes in transformative gynecomastia surgery. Located in Fort Lee, NJ, we focus on personalized consultations and advanced surgical techniques to deliver life-changing results for those needing male breast reduction surgery. With decades of experience, our team provides tailored treatment plans, ensuring exceptional care from consultation to recovery.

Our commitment to providing comprehensive care extends across all age groups and backgrounds. Whether you’re an adolescent struggling with self-confidence due to gynecomastia, an adult seeking a solution for long-standing concerns, or a bodybuilder looking to achieve a more balanced physique, we cater to individuals at every stage of life and along the entire spectrum who may benefit from gynecomastia surgery.

The procedure is performed at our private ambulatory surgery center on-site, which is accredited by the Joint Commission and meets the highest standards of excellence for patient care, comfort, and privacy.

We offer free consultations to ensure patients have the opportunity to discuss their concerns and treatment options without financial barriers. Additionally, we provide flexible financing options for gynecomastia surgery, making it more accessible to individuals seeking treatment.

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