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Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences is the world’s best center for training and education and treatment. This center was established in 2004. Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences is one of the multi-specialist hospitals in India, offering the best services and facilities. The hospital is an outpatient allopathic clinic that is accredited by NABH. The hospital has been famous for state-of-the-art technology and also features a practical infrastructure for patient satisfaction.


Additionally, the hospital leads well-equipped with the infrastructure that gives complete surgeries or treatments. Hospital also considers a modern technology with a wide range of treatments as well as excellent solutions. Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences is a well-established center in Chennai, India that serves top-of-the-line surgeries.


Specialties provided by Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences

Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences is one of the best centers for sleep-related problems. Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences provides special features which make the hospital more comprehensive and efficient. The hospital has been considered the best quality and sleeps medication service. With the addition of more specialties, this hospital concludes the latest technology and also delivers collaborative care with multi-specialty. Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences has the main focus on delivering the best in class services and patient care or satisfaction.


Some features of specialization which make the institute most effective such as:

  • Well equipped with services
  • State of the art technology
  • Practical infrastructure to increase patient satisfaction
  • Multidisciplinary patient care
  • Treat long term health issues


Infrastructure and facilities

Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences has been famous for its infrastructure development. It is well equipped with infrastructure that gives all surgeries along with treatments. Patients can book online appointments anytime for the doctors and the hospital features a highly specialized professional and well-experienced team who supports the patient every time.


Hospital also considers specialized nurses that give superior care to the patients. Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences gives a wide variety of excellent solutions, surgeries, and diagnoses of illness. The quality of treatment is very high with the advancement of technology. Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences offering practical infrastructure to reinforce not only patients comfort but also patient satisfaction.


 The main mission of the Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences is to awareness of market about the problems related to sleep for the healthcare providers and also helps to stop future health issues. The hospital concludes all kinds of provisions that provide the best care and high specialties to patients such as treatments, surgeries, diagnosis of illness, room comforts, laboratory services, etc.


Doctors and staff

The hospital offers high multi-specialist doctors who provide the most convenient treatment and services to improve the patient’s health.


Doctors of Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences are:

1 Dr. N. Ramakrishnan, Somnologist

 2 Dr. Nileena N.K.M, Psychiatry

  • Dietetics

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