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The department of Neurosciences at Prashanth Hospital is said to be a state of the art super speciality care medical unit in the whole of Chennai city. The department at the hospital offers the finest minimally invasive procedures in surgical and interventional sections of neurosciences that too using modern technological tools. The hospital is driven by the latest technology in every unit and the department in the hospital caters many therapeutic remedies with the aim of faster recoveries within patients. 


Salient features 


  • Special clinic for headache
  • Exclusive stroke clinical
  • Advanced faciltieis for nerve conduction procedure
  • Neuro intensive care units
  • Trauma services 24/7
  • 24 hours of high scale emergency services
  • Availability of full time helpline services
  • Utilizes stereotactic instruments
  • Neuro radiology units available 
  • Uses semi-robotic devices in neurosurgery operating rooms
  • 24 hours medical assistance offered
  • Ambulance pick ups and drop off service
  • Emergency and accident care team


Team of doctors 

  • Dr. V.Balasubramanian
  • Dr. Vikash Agarwal
  • Dr.K.V. Karthikeyan



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