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Rainbow hospital at Marathahalli is a famous hospital for its renowned gynaecology department dedicated to mother and child welfare. The hospital has many wings and its birthright wing is the wing that is dedicated to providing medical and surgical solutions to all problems relating to gynaecology and pregnancy. Their team of expert doctors and surgeons work day and night to provide round the clock care to all its patients admitted under the department of gynaecology.

Salient features 

  • Facilities like key hole surgery, uterine fibroids treatment
  • Specialized cancer care
  • Cancer screening
  • World class management for cases of menopause complaints
  • Capacity of 200 beds
  • Accredited by JCI
  • CT scan, ultrasound, color doppler, MRI
  • Recognized by NABH
  • Ambulance and well-equipped advanced life support system
  • 24/7 availability of ICU, lab and blood bank
  • Treatment for puberty related issues, menstrual problems
  • PCOD
  • PCOS 
  • Treatment for infertility 

Team of doctors 

  • Dr.Rekha sudharsan
  • Dr.Kamala unnikrishnan
  • Dr.Kavitha kovi
  • Dr.Teji 
  • Dr.Madhusudhan naidu
  • Dr.Karamjit kaur



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