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Reem Medical Group, located in Sharjah has many several clinics and branches all across UAE, making them one of the most reputed medical clinics in UAE. The institute also has three branches in Sharjah, with ophthalmology services being available at the Reem branch. Reem medical group is also associated with VIVO group which is one of the preferred and fast growing healthcare providers in UAE. Reem medical centre particularly has gained excellent reputation in children’s eye care treatment. Reem medical group primarily focuses in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and to educate the patient when they come for a diagnosis. And above all they aim to provide the highest quality of service to all their patient with maximum focus and intervention.   


Treatments offered


  • Diabetic eye checkup
  • Treatment and examination of eye infections
  • Preventative eye checkup
  • Refractive errors or spectacle correction
  • General eye checkup
  • Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment


           Team of Doctors 

  • Dr.Meenu Mathew (Consultant ophthalmologist)



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