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Sakra premium clinic is the only clinic in Bangalore offering the worlds most advanced form of hair transplant. The clinic also served safer hair transplant techniques, with maximum hairs in a single day setting and also at person affordable rates. They have nearly 100% growth rate of transplanted hair roots. With the breakthrough of latest methods of hair transplantation, Sakra clinic has changed the face of people’s perspective towards hair transplantation. The aim of Sakra clinic is to improve the appearance of people who want a hair transplant by giving them a permanent life changing solution for baldness.  

Hair transplantation techniques they use-

  • Hair fall consultancy
  • Hair transplant
  • Hair redesign
  • Follicular unit extraction FUE 
  • Long hair technique 
  • Beard transplantation 
  • Eyebrow transplantation 
  • Auto cloning
  • Beard to head transplant 
  • Body hair transplant 
  • Long hair transplant 
  • Non shave FUE hair transplant 

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