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Sankara is considered as one of the prominent eye hospitals to appliance the records of electronic medical in its potential with the procedures that has done in the OPD by online. It is accredited with NABH and NABL, Sankara Nethralaya is an eye hospital which is situated in Chennai, India. Sankara Nethralaya hospital runs its services in five different locations such as in Kolkata, Andra Pradesh, Chennai, Rameshwaram, and Tirupati.

Additionally, this hospital was well established by Sengamedu Srinivasa Badrinath. Sankara Nethralaya is one of the largest charitable eye hospitals in India. The hospital has the best quality of surgeries treatment. Sankara hospital has famous for its development of infrastructure, specialties as well as facilities. Moreover, It has been also awarded by many times such as in Economic times award for excellence of corporate, excellent eye hospital in Chennai, India by the outlook magazine or award from NASSCOM for excellent adoption of IT.

Specialties provided by Sankara hospital

The hospital has been qualified to promote the awareness of an eye donation that was established by the department of Medical sociology. It is considered as one of the best hospitals having several sub-specialties like the retina, uvea, neuro-ophthalmology, refractive surgery, and pediatric ophthalmology. Moreover, the hospital has led to a single specialty that is accredited with NABL or NABH. So, this hospital has been famous for its services of ophthalmology to save the life of patients from all over the world.

Sankara Nethralaya hospital has a team of well-specialized doctors, support staff, and nurses who always helps the patient and provides support. There are many specialties provided by the hospital such as:

  • Considered as a super ophthalmic care center.
  • Well dedicated consultants.
  • Good management systems.
  • 200 surgeries performed each day.
  • High-performing knowledge.

Consequently, all of these specialties make the hospital one of the excellence in India.

Infrastructure and facilities

The Sankara Nethralaya hospital initiated a unique project of teleophthalmology in Chennai. It also considers mobile bus which offer primary care of the eye. Additionally, This hospital leads Jaslok community center of Ophthalmic to offer free services to weaker sections economically.

The hospital also has CU Shah bank of eye initiated in 1979. Sankara Nethralaya is a unit of the foundation of medical research in Chennai that leading to one of the most renowned delivery systems of eye care in India. It has been receiving so many patients from all over the world because of proving the best services.

Besides, the hospital has all the specialist departments with well-qualified staff and doctors. It has been leading one of the best hospitals due to its various services such as Eye treatment, therapeutics services nursing homes, laser eye services, and ophthalmic care.

Sankara Nethralaya has been famous for its infrastructure development. Sankara hospital also offers 22 operation theaters with the latest equipment. The hospital has the main motive to provide them all facilities to the patients such as beds, A/C rooms, general wards, and canteen facilities. Hence, these features make the hospital the most renowned and effective or center of excellence.

Doctors and staff

Sankara Nethralaya hospital has been famous for all the dedicated doctors, nurses as well as staff who are not only well experienced but also considered as role models for the patients.

There are a list of well-talented doctors from the Sankara Nethralaya hospital such as below:-

  1. Dr. S.S. Badrinath –  Ophthalmology
  2. Dr. S. Ambika, Neuro – Ophthalmology
  3. Dr. T.S. Surendran –  Pediatric Ophthalmology
  4. Dr. Ian Sundararaj –  Anesthesiology
  5. Dr. S. Krishnakumar –  Pathologist
  6. Dr. S. Durga Priyadarshini –  Neuro-Ophthalmology
  7. Dr. Nirmala Subramanian – Plastic Surgeon
  8. Dr. Rama Rajagopal – Ophthalmologist
  9. Dr. Amala Elizabeth George – Ophthalmologist
  10. Dr. Shika Bassi- Neuro Ophthalmologist
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology

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