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The JTS Medical Centre has adopted all the protective measures such as deep cleaning, disinfection, and personal protective devices. It will help them to reduce the risk to their patients, their families, & employees. 

They are continuously monitoring this unprecedented situation carefully. They are also strictly following the health and safety directives implemented by the UAE Ministry of Health Prevention and Dubai Health Authority.

They deliver their services without compromising quality, safety, and continuity of care. They will continue providing services successively with the intent, to support their patients who require continuity of care through their consultants and specialists.

They are a leading outpatient care facility that helps people in their quest to better health. The quality of life by being a trusted partner for every meaningful moment. They deliver medical, dental, diagnostic, and illness services through their handpicked medical experts. Their caring commitment has persisted reliable for more than ten years.

They are committed to providing Ethical & Quality Healthcare with more than 300000 patient Visits. With around 25 professional doctors and a hundred percent quality and more than twenty years of experience makes them the best health care facility.

Their vision is to combine quality care & modern conveniences. They started this JTS Medical Centre with the belief that clinical excellence is a commitment to service. They wanted it to be a modern approach to make a truly great experience for people. 

To bring their vision to life, they have listened to their patients thoughtfully and applied technology. They have hired the best doctors to create a practice that is designed specifically to meet your needs. Rigorously selected consultant & specialist doctors and longer appointments with doctors who care for the patients are in their facility.

Appointment-based services – There are convenient locations, parking, and diagnostic services on-site with no appointment required.

Accessibility – You can book your appointments via phone, WhatsApp, by their site, via email, or directly with your doctor. 

Service Attention – They are in-network with most TPAs and Insurance companies. Hence ninety- five percent of appointments start on time or early.


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