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The Thumbay University Hospital is the biggest private academic hospital in the Middle East. It is Located in Thumbay Medicity, Al Jurf, Ajman, Dubai. They are a huge part of the academic hospital compound of Thumbay Groups. They have a professional workforce of 30 different

nationalities. They are serving patients in 50 different languages and are also treating patients around 175 countries. They have 10 modern surgical collections for all major specialties, 

They have premises for Imaging, Cath Lab, ICU, CCU, NICU, PICU, 10-bed dialysis unit, etc. Thumbay University Hospital provides more than hundred beds for the long term care and for the rehabilitation unit. The hospital also has more than ten labor and delivery rooms, NICU, SCBU and well maintained Baby Unit.

The GMU is spread around 25 acres as the main campus located at Ajman. It has a great linkage with the Thumbay Hospitals, Thumbay Clinics and Thumbay Pharmacies for the medical internship program. The main campus establishes of the university main building it includes laboratories, classrooms, offices, colleges, departments, library and learning center and more. 

They have additional measures to prevent the spread of the virus in the hospital. That embraces a regular and detailed sanitization protocols, chronic medication refill for patients via a simple phone call, 24-hour drive-through pharmacy service at the hospital premises, temperature monitoring of all patients, visitors and staff, emphasizing hand hygiene and wearing masks, hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the hospital, and constant monitoring of staff health.


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