1.Dr. Dawood Mohammed

Dr. Dawood Mohammed is a consultant urologist with more than 15 years of experience in the field. He is working currently in Al Garhoud Private hospital and is also the clinical head of Department of Urology in Belhoul Specialty Hospital since the year 2007. He had completed his MBBS studied in Baghdad Hospital and had initially worked there. He was also the senior lecturer in Baghdad hospital and had special interest in various surgeries like prostatectomy, bladder cancer, stone crushing, uterus stone, opening ureteric stone and opening of urethral structure through urethroscopy.

2.Dr.Hosam Salim

Dr.Hosam salim is a consultant urologist who is board certified with also fellowship training got from USA. Dr. Hosam started his residency training from Jordan University and American University Hospital and shortly after that he went onto do private practice. Shortly after his training he was appointed as assistant professor of Urology at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. Dr.Hosam was the surgeon in charge for the transplant service in the hospital and moved to UAE the year after.

3.Dr.Thamir Alkasab

Dr.Thamir Alkasab is a specialist consultant urologist at the Canadian trained princess Margaret cancer centre. He speaks fluent English and Arabic. Dr.Thamirs goal in UAE is to establish one of a kind of prostate centre to check early screenings, treat prostate problems and cancer with medical and surgical procedures as well as advanced minimally invasive treatments for kidney. Other than this he is also very active in publications and authoring books and has written many such books and published them.

4.Dr.Syed imtiyaz Ali

 Dr.Syed Imtiaz Ali is a specialist consultant urologist working in Medcare Hospital Sharjah.  He has a vast array of experience in the field of urology, general medicine and surgery and he is an expert in treating urological disorders. He is holding FCPS degree in general surgery and urology and has worked as a consultant urologist in Pakistan, and Persia. He is much versatile and an expert in treating all types of urological disorders. He holds FCP’s degrees in urology as well as general surgery. He has worked as a consultant urologist in UAE, Pakistan, Iran, Baghdad before settling in permanently in Sharjah. He also works as a clinical examiner and a professor for new medicine aspirational students. And also, he is an active member of many organizations and associations.

5.Dr. Ahmad Mohamad Altunji

Dr.Ahmad Mohamad Altunji is a well-known clinical urologist who graduated in medicine from University of Aleppo in the year 1987. Following this he went to get a masters degree in urology from SMOH in 1993 and then worked in many hospitals in UAE itself like Ministry of Health in Al Razi and Ibinrashid Hospital, in 2013 where he was the clinical head. Dr. Ahmads speciality is in management of ureteral stone and extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy stone removal. For his achievements in this area he was awarded and recognised brightly by the Ministry of Health. In 2008, Dr. Ahmad began doing his research work in the area of treatment and prevention of bladder and prostate cancer. He has so far published 20 medical articles in urology so far and has been accredited for all his publications worldwide.

6.Dr. Noor Niels P Buchholz

Dr. Noor Niels P Buchholz is a consultant urologist currently working in Sharjah in Mediclinic City Hospital, Sharjah. Dr. Noor Niels P Buchholz has graduated with MBBS, MD, FSSU, and in FKNMG (UK). Dr. Noor Niels P Buchholz has over two decades of experience in urology and in the treatment of all urological concerning conditions such as cancer, urinary stone, incontinence, erectile dysfunction and prostatitis. He is an expert in the use of minimally invasive urological surgery to treat urological conditions. 

After earning his medical qualification from Germany, Dr. Noor undertook his specialist training from Australia and Switzerland. He has gained specialist training in laparoscopic surgery, shockwave lithotripsy and endourology for the treatment of urinary stones. Moreover he has gone onto become world expert in doing the procedure for permanent metal stenting of urinary tract. He was initially working Erasmus medical university hospital, Netherlands and later moved into United Kingdom where he came consultant at Linconshire Hospital and then in 2014 moved to UAE.

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