20 Best Dentists in Dubai 2024

Nowadays, Tooth problems may cause many discomforts feeling that it starts to have an effect on your daily lives. Everyone needs to have a beautiful smile without any infection on their teeth or mouth. In such a situation, you need to consult the best dentist in Dubai to help you bring your bright whites back to the best health. First, you need to know the best dentist and how much money they have been allocated for your dental treatment. In Dubai, a dental clinic with dentists and highly-professionals will provide you with quality dental service with a warranty. People in Dubai will have all facilities and easy to contact doctors with their entire medical requirement. In every dental clinic, they have also determined the most common dental procedures in Dubai, which help you take the correct treatment. Here is a list of dentists who help you decide which is to be provided and some guidance on choosing the right dentists for your tooth treatment or implantation.

Best Dentists in Dubai:

First, you need to make changes that make your teeth often permanent, and it will be more important to make sure that you are getting the right dental service from high professionals. Here are some lists are explained below.

1. Dr. Aiman Obeid:

Dr. Aiman Obeid is a high professional orthodontist and provides the best treatment for removable orthodontics who studied in Syria. He is well trained in his specialty in Belarus. In particular, his work may include a variety of braces, and he is an expert in impacted teeth treatment with a lot of experience. Since 2013, he has been working in UAE and moved to Dubai for their practices after passing the Dubai health care city authority exam in 2019.

2. Dr. Walter Goriwoda:

He is the best Doctor in Dubai, and they can make up a team with a dental clinic, and they are best in challenging the dental impact and dental rehabilitation cases. Dr. Walter Goriwoda did a variety of oral and dental surgical procedures such as removal or revelation of dental impacted teeth and removal of soft and hard mouth tumours. And they are highly experienced in complex dental implant and rehabilitation cases.

3. Dr. Zoubi Jamal:

Dr. Zoubi Jamal is a victorious implantologist with 30 years of experience running their dental clinic. Their constant contribution to the conference on implant surgery and bone renewal. His efforts will provide you latest dental advancements to his clients, which can make one of the best dentists in Dubai and updated with the latest discoveries in dentistry.

4. Dr. Yasmin Omran:

She is a member of the Dubai sky clinic’s team and a well-informed dentist who has trained in different parts of the globe. While on her practice periods, her special interest lies in laser dentistry, which is the treatment of mouth sores using advanced laser technology. And well trained in various countries and boasts an impressive professional record.

5. Dr. Ahmed Amer:

Dr. Ahmed Amer is a curative family who is one of the leading dentists in Dubai with 30 years of experience. He kept this goal throughout the training and changed the industry of dentistry with his research and educational courses. He is fully equipped with advanced technology.

6. Dr. Anmol Batria:

He mainly concentrated on the quality, integrity and world-class offering. They are great in their professionals and focus on the result of treatment and the post-treatment effects and assistance that help the patients. He provides wider services and is one of the best clinics in Dubai.

7. Dr. Anupama Jaswal:

It is the correct time to meet the Doctor, and he is the general who specializes in preventing treatment of the oral disease and malformation of the teeth, gums and jaws. He provides you with a reasonable price, and it is very hard to resist the dental clinic with a lot of experience. 

8. Dr. Sameer H. Shaikh:

He is being referred to have one of the best prices, and you can also find a dental surgeon with an excellent rating. He is one of the authorized Doctors. He is well-equipped with the oral surgeon, implantalogist and orthodontist in Dubai. It is underneath one roof at Toothsmiths dental centre.

9. Dr. Biju Thomas:

He is a consultant dentist and maxillofacial surgeon with an Implantologist with 20 years of experience in the UK. He has already put his own clinic, and people can get the best dental implants without the jaw-dropping process. In this clinic, they proved lower prices.

10. Dr. Madhu Mathews:

Dr. Madhu Mathews is a general dentist specializing in root canal treatment, and you need to get an appointment 2-3 days before the root canal treatment. He provides effective service and is exceptional in their fields. And he is one of the most popular dental treatments with a lot of experience in their training.

11. Dr. Eldhose padinjattil Paul:

Eldhose is the top specialist in their training in primary and oral care infants for children’s through the teenage years. He has three years of experience and satisfaction with dental treatment costs. And he is a specialist pediatric dentist, and he can also handle the very rare compliment for a dentist.

12. Dr. Anand Shenoy:

He is well-known as an orthodontist and has been practising for over 15 years, and has positive reviews from long-term patients praising his brilliant professionalism. In addition, he is a genuine and caring place for first-class dental treatments at a sensible cost. They provide you with an outstanding and efficient level of service.

13. Dr. Indraniil Roy:

Dr. Roy is a prominent oral and maxillofacial surgeon with six years of knowledge in this field. He has been granted the prestigious fellowship of the international congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Indraniil presents you with full coverage of an oral surgical procedure such as surgical extraction, removal or exposure of any other impacted teeth. 

14. Dr. Saad kadhim Mohammed Alhakeem:

If you search for the best dentistry, they recommend you check out the best smile studio dental clinic. Dr. Saad is an expert at administering anesthetic injections with a lot of experience in their field. His clinic provides the best alternative for those afraid of the needle at dental clinics.

15. Dr. Maen Fadel Aburas:

Dr. Aburas is a specialist surgeon and inplantologist educated in Australia. He is well-experienced, and they provide with modern facilities and knowledge. And he has 25 years of experience in the dental field and considers one of the first implantologist in Dubai. Dr. Aburas is highly wanted after for this capability in implantology, and you need to have an appointment before consulting him.

16. Dr. Krishnan Nair:

He completed his dentistry at Rajah Muthiah dental college, and he is great orthodontics with a magical touch. His treatment is infrequently a mixture of class, excellence, professionalism and affordability. At clove dental clinic, their superiority is highly experienced by using advanced technology, which can give you an aesthetically and functionally.

17. Dr. Naeem Moideen:

He is a specialist orthodontist with 12 years of clinical experience. Dr. Moideen is awarded excellence in a German curriculum. His expertise ranges from the conservative metal and earthenware braces to the most sophisticated lingual braces and invisible aligners. He is licensed with the Australian dental council, and he is also an active member of both the American Association of orthodontists and the British orthodontic society.

18. Dr. Dorcus Priya Mare:

Dr. Dorcus is an experienced dentist and completer her master degree in the field of Oral and maxilla-facial surgery. She is a specialist in oral surgical procedures like removing impacted wisdom teeth, abscess drainage and gum contouring. She developed her surgical skills in a graded and systematic manner. Her career goal is to become a compassionate, ethical, professional role model with a couple of years of experience.

19. Dr. Madhusudan Krishnan:

Dr. Madhusudan Krishnan is well-experienced and has excellent patient care among the finest dentists. He is a trusted doctor and the dentist treatment such as fluoride therapy, customized splinting and bracing and teeth extraction. Their clinic provides a piece of advice from a top-rated dentist who is quick and easy.

20. Dr. Disha Gupta:

She specializes in single visit endodontic, re-endodontic treatment, post and cores, instrument retrieval smile design and veneers. She is invited to be a professional speaker of the dental Isthmus, and she is also the first international lecturer on endodontics in association with dental divas and reaches group. And she is well-experienced in root canal treatment.

Bottom Line:

Nowadays, every kid to adults suffers from tooth disease, root canal treatment, and teeth implantation at any age. It is mandatory to consult the best dentist to find the best solution. Thus, from the above mentioned, the lists of doctors pointed out are the 20 best dentistry in Dubai, and you need to take some time to examine every Doctor. After you have learned about each Doctor, you have an idea to choose the best one for you as per your requirements

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