1.ILHT Dubai 

ILHT is a world famous clinic situated in Dubai which is a top end place for hair transplantation and is a place where mostly very important persons as well as celebrities frequently come over. It is a hair loss treatment centre centered for both men and women. It is run by an entrepreneur called Dr. Sajjad Khan who received the world’s first fellowship training in hair restoration surgery. With the breakthrough of latest methods of hair transplantation, ILHT Dubai has changed the face of peoples perspective towards hair transplantation. The aim of ILHT Dubai is to improve the appearance of people who want a hair transplant by giving them a permanent life changing solution for baldness.

2.Tunio Aesthetics Hair Transplant 

Tunio Aesthetics is also a worldwide famous cosmetology and hair transplant clinic situated in Dubai, UAE. The clinic provides treatment for all cosmetic procedures, in particular for Hair loss solution and liposuction. The clinic has an excellent name for successful hair transplant and liposuction results. The clinic provides treatment for both men and women who are in particular suffering from any form of hair loss like male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, alopecia, and other traumatic hair loss due to accidents, burns etc. The procedures they carry out are Follicular unit extractions,(FUE) and Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) .

3.MAXIM Hair Restoration

Maxim hair restoration is a hair transplantation clinic in Dubai. It is said to be one of the best and finest places that offers treatment at an affordable rate in Dubai.It offers both traditional Follicular unit transplant (FUT) and sophisticated follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant (FUE). At Maxim hair restoration salon, only one surgery is performed at a time which ensures that the attention of the whole team is fully focused on that customer. At the clinic, it takes a few hours from 3-4 to complete an operation after which one can return to work without any visible changes. There are small operations that quickly finish and mega sessions in which roughly upto 4000 grafts are being transplanted in a single session.

4.ALBORJ Hair Clinic

Alborj Hair Clinic Dubai is one of the top Hair Clinics in Dubai that do Hair transplantation and it has got the name and excellent patient reviews because of the prestigious doctors and plastic surgeons that work in Alborj Hair Clinic. At the clinic they offer treatment and solutions for resolving all hair problems permanently. They are a team dedicated to providing the best hair transplant treatment in Dubai for both men and women by employing the ‘AU Naturale’ Procedure, to produce healthy looking natural results. 

The specialist doctor at ALBORJ Hair Clinic is Dr. Ziakas, who is having more than 18 years of professional experience and has so far completed 3500 successful procedures for his patients and gained customer satisfaction. He is a world renowned expert in hair transplant surgery.

5.Medispa Hair Transplant Clinic

Medispa Hair Transplant Clinic Dubai, specializes in surgical hair restoration for both men and women. Medispa has risen to the top of the list in hair transplant in recent times in Dubai. It is known for its specialist treatments at affordable rates and also has excellent client reviews. The clinic is run by the expert and board -certifies plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Suneet Soni whose expertise had brought Medispa Hair Transplant Centre at top of the lists in Middle East. He has carried out over 5000 successful cases in the hair transplant sector. The main feature which differentiates Medispa from other centres is as said before is its affordable treatment charges with international specialities. At Medispa, the most effective technique for natural hair restoration is followed.

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