1.Dr. Zareen mohammed

Dr. Zareen Mohammed is an senior specialist consultant who is currently working in Dr.Zareen Mohammed’s allergy and asthma clinic, Anna Nagar, Chennai. She has over 14 years of experience in the field as of now. She is a council verified doctor now with excellent patient reviews and recognition who has completed her MBBS degree from the Kilpauk medical college, Chennai and later went onto do post-graduation from the national university of Singapore and Christian medical college in Vellore. She covers most of the cases and has treated more than 5000 allergy and asthma conditions so far but her main specializations also include allergy prick test and spirometry interpretation for asthma. Other than this she is also a member for the world allergy organization and international member of the American college of allergy, immunology and asthma. 


2.Dr. Major Nagaraju

Dr. Major nagaraju is a senior most and well renowned allergy practitioner, immunologist and paediatrician working in Tambaram west in Chennai. He has a vast 32 years of experience in the field and is currently working in VN Allergy and asthma research centre in Tambaram, Chennai. He is a council verified practitioner and is associated with the top hospitals in Chennai. He has completed his MBBS degree from Sri Venkateshwara university, Chennai and later on went onto practice MD in paediatrics from the Armed forces medical college in Chennai. He then completed his diploma in child health and diploma in allergy, asthma and immunology respectively


3.Dr. Suresh 

Dr.Suresh is a consultant allergist currently working in Babu clinics , kk nagar, Chennai. He has over 9 years of experience in the field so far. He had completed his MBBS degree from Meenakshi ammal dental college and hospital, Chennai and completed his post graduate degree also from the same place. Dr suresh has excellent patient reviews and is good on communications skills and empathy for among his patients. 


4.Dr. Sathish kumar

Dr. Sathish kumar is a senior consultant in allergic and asthma care and treatment if other respiratory diseases. He has over 7 years of experience in the field and is currently working in the Subbu leela pulmo care clinic in Chennai. He has gained excellent patient reviews from his patients and he treats them with care such that they are his own family. After completing his MBBS, he went onto do MD in tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases from Meenakshi academy of Higher education in the year 2015. Other than this he is also an active member fo avriuos differenta 


5.Dr.Narasimhalu CRV

Dr. Narasimhalu CRV is one of the most renowned senior consultants with currently more than 23 years of experience in the field. He is working right now at the Sai skin and cosmetic clinic in anna Nagar. He is said to be one of the top dermatologists in Anna Nagar, Chennai and has helped numerous patients in his 23 years’ experience as a dermatologist especially treating skin allergies and asthma problems also. He had studied MBBS degree from Rajiv Gandhi institute of medical science in Bangalore and went onto do MD in skin allergies and dermatology from the same institute in the year 2008. Dr.Narasimhalu has received up to 31 excellent and delightful feedbacks from his satisfied patients on his treatment . he is also part of various associations and regularly gives talks and has also published various journals on his field. 



Dr. Saravanan is a consultant dermatologist and allergist with more than 20 years of experience working in Velachery, Chennai in the Sree Skin Hair and cosmetic clinic. He is one of the senior most consultants and has helped numerous patients in treating of allergy disorders, skin disorders and also other dermatology problems in the past years. In addition to MBBS degree he has also completed diploma in dermatology and venerology from India. 

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