Dr Mohammed Sohaib Mustafa

In the UK, Dr Mustafa completed his degree in general ophthalmology after getting a Commendation in medicine. While completing his education in the UK, he received part of his training in top eye hospitals like the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin and Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. After working there once, he is a certified consultant in the UK.

He has been employed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for nine years, first as a formative Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields UAE and most recently as the Director of Ophthalmology Services at American Hospital Dubai. He has a distinguished practice in ophthalmology and experience in executive leadership in the healthcare industry.

Furthermore, he occupies the title of Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Mohammed Bin Rashid University and is a dedicated instructor for medical students. He has provided medical and surgical care for numerous aviators with eye issues as a Certified Aviation Ophthalmologist with the General Civil Aviation Authority.

His primary areas of research interest are glaucoma medication compliance and safety, effectiveness and safety results of cutting-edge surgical glaucoma procedures, such as micro drainage devices, and simulation instruction for cataract surgery and ocular ultrasound. He has a significant number of works in journals with peer review. He is the Head of the UAE’s Glaucoma Committee and an active member of the Emirates Society of Ophthalmology. His significant research has been presented at both international and domestic conferences.

Dr Chidamber Srinivas

Dr Chidamber Srinivas is the Head of Ophthalmology at JTS Medical Center and a Specialist Ophthalmologist at City Centre Clinic. Due to his skill and years of experience in the field, he is one of the best eye specialists in Dubai. Although he can perform general eye exams, his primary area of expertise is in diagnosing and treating vitreoretinal disorders. Since 1988, treating eye illnesses such as macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and retinal tears brought on by diabetes or other health issues has been Dr Srinivas’ main focus.

Dr Srinivas is very well-known for his work in vitreoretinal treatments. Still, his establishment of the independent, cutting-edge Welcare Eye Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City in 2006 is probably his most famous achievement. This centre uses a holistic and modern approach to stem cell cornea, vision rehabilitation, and retina transplants. Overall, Dr Chidamber Srinivas is a trustworthy eye doctor for Vitreo-Retinal illnesses. It won’t be difficult to schedule an appointment with him because he is available every day of the week.

Dr. Nadire Erdogan Dib

Dr Dib completed her medical education at Marmara University and her ophthalmology residency at Kartal Training and Research Hospital. In Paris, she obtained her Specialty Certificate and her Diploma from the European Board of Ophthalmology. Dr Nadire Erdogan Dib does not concentrate on a single speciality like the other eye doctors on this list. Dr Dib is not just a board-certified consulting ophthalmologist but also a skilled ophthalmic surgeon.

She offers general eye care and consultations. She also manages various operations, including cataract, refractive, and oculoplastic surgery, cornea, anterior segment, and oculoplastic surgery. Dr Nadire Erdogan Dib could be your best option if you are looking for an eye specialist with experience in identifying and treating ocular conditions. She occasionally can be difficult to book because she will be out on Fridays.

Dr Tamer Salem

The UAE’s Dubai is home to ophthalmology expert Dr Tamer Salem. He graduated with a medical degree from Cairo University in Egypt in 1991. After receiving his PhD in LASIK from Miguel Hernandez University in Spain in 2002, he became medical professional in Europe. In the future, he did two clinical fellowships, one at Regensburg University in Germany and the other at the Institute of Ophthalmology Alicante in Spain.

Currently, Dr Salem is a specialist in ophthalmology at the Belhoul European Hospital in Dubai, UAE and the Spanish Center LASIK and Eyes and Cosmetic in Dubai, UAE. He routinely performs the following ophthalmologic operations: 

  • Laser refractive surgery by utilising LASIK, PRK, Intralasik HD 
  • Laser therapeutic surgery
  • Keratoconus surgery
  • Implantable contact lens implantation
  • Strabismus surgery
  • Keratoplasty

With over 14,000 LASIK surgeries completed since 1990, he has tremendous LASIK experience. He worked as a consultant ophthalmologist at San Juan University Hospital in Alicante, Spain, before taking the positions he is currently holding. Additionally, he teaches ophthalmology as an assistant professor at Miguel Hernandez University in Spain. Dr Salem helps his patients with their worries and inquiries as part of his mission to increase knowledge of ophthalmologic conditions. He also provides free LASIK consultations.

Dr. Vidhi Devendra Majithia

You should not let the fact that Dr Vidhi Devendra Majithia appears younger than the other eye doctors on this list stop you from placing your trust in her expertise. She received her medical degree in India at Rajiv Gandhi Medical College. The Bombay City Eye Center and Research Centre, one of India’s most renowned ophthalmology institutions, is where she also completed her postgraduate studies and a brief fellowship. She works at the iCare Clinic as a Specialist Ophthalmologist at the moment.

In particular, retinal and uveal illnesses are treated and diagnosed by Dr Majithia. This indicates that she is skilled at treating eye conditions brought on by infections or wounds inside the eye that could result in significant visual issues. Dr Majithia has years of experience treating eye infections and other conditions, as well as simple and seasonal eye allergies. She is licenced to perform numerous operations and treatments, including LASIK and further refractive surgery at the UltraLasik Eye Center.

You believe Dr Majithia is a good decision if you are looking for a reputable eye specialist who can do an in-person consultation with you. Even though she works seven days a week, from Saturday to Thursday, she continues to write for a blog where she extensively covers some of the eye conditions she treats.

Dr Shashikant Shinde

An Indian ophthalmologist named Dr Shashikant Shinde practises in Dubai. He has expertise in intra-LASIK, relaxed smile, and presbyond refractive laser surgery. In order to provide the best eye care possible, Dr Shinde trained at the JJ Hospital in Mumbai, where he learned how to do cataract microsurgery. Dr Shinde received his postgraduate degree from the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, one of the top medical colleges in India. He graduated from JJM Medical College. Additionally, he received his training at Coimbatore’s Sankara Eye Hospital. He is the best option for those looking for general eye care as well as laser surgery for vision correction in Dubai.

Dr K.R. Sathish

In Dubai, Dr Sathish practises as a specialist ophthalmologist. After completing his initial medical studies, he earned his DOMS & MS (Ophthalmology) (MBBS). After obtaining his postgraduate degree at the EU Institute of Ophthalmology in Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India, which was the leading training facility in the area, he started his profession in 1986. As a result, he is an expert in his profession and has more than 35 years of expertise.

Dr Sathish has worked for nine years as an institute head and professor. In both the clinical and surgical domains, particularly those related to anterior segment, paediatric ophthalmology, and oculoplastic, he obtained vast experience and refined his medical knowledge. Dr Sathish has a busy research schedule in addition to his medical practice. He has published and presented over 60 papers, given several guest lectures at conferences and symposiums both domestically and abroad, and has the honour of serving as a consultant editor for the BJO South Asia Edition. Dr Sathish served as a Senior Specialist in charge of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Oculoplasty in Muscat from 2000–2001. He had held positions in the City Center Clinic since 2014 and the Welcare Hospital, Dubai, since 2001, before joining JTS Medical Centre.

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