1.Dr. Bharat Sapra

Dr. Bharat is a consultant gastroenterologist in NMC Specialty Hospital, Dubai. He has presently over 32 years of experience in his filed and is one of the best doctors in gastroenterology in Dubai. He was a gold medalist as a medical student and also during his training periods. So far, he has carried out over 50,000 cases with over 3500 cases alone in a year in upper GI Endoscopy alone. He is also well-trained in Linear EUS and performs around 120 cases in that too each year. His specialty includes diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies. Other than clinical work he is also an active member of many associations like Indian society of gastroenterology, Association of Physicians in India etc. other than this he has also educated more than 50 post-doctoral instructors as well as examiners during his period of work in hospital. 

2.Dr. Rakesh Rai 

Dr. Rakesh rai is a highly specialized hepato- pancreato biliary surgeon and top liver transplant surgeon in Dubai. He has so far over 15 years of experience and has also worked in the most renowned transplant centres in the world. Dr. Rakesh had completed MBBS Degree from Patna University and completed his MS in General surgery from University of Mumbai. He did his MD from Newcastle University, in UK. He received training in HPB Surgery from the most eminent university called the Royal free hospital in Newcastle, UK. His areas of specializations include gall bladder cancer, being and cancerous liver tumor, surgery of the stomach, liver, duodenum, small intestine, kidney transplants etc. He is also regular speaker at some well known regular meetings in many hospitals in India and abroad.

3.Dr. Najib Zaidan 

Dr. Najib Zeidan is a medical gastroenterologist currently working in the Saudi German Hospital, Dubai. He has presently over 34 years of experience and he is one of the most experiences and prominence medical gastroenterologist in the UAE.His specializations are chronic hepatobiliary diseases, diseases related to gastro, diagnostic endoscopy, therapeutical management, colonoscopy, gastroscopy and diagnostic procedures. Dr. Najib has also done many publications and presentations and essays on Gastroenterology and presented them as well. He completed his MBBS and MD from the reputed Damascus University, Syria. He also has  CES from Tours University in the subject Gastroenterology.

4.Dr.Nagendra Prasad

Dr.Nagendra Prasad is a surgical gastroenterologist working in Dubai in the Zulekha Hospital. He has currently more than 17 years of clinical expertise. He is a well known laparoscopic surgeon. He has so far performed more than over 7000 complicated laparoscopic cases and more than 5000 GI Tract surgeries. He has been awarded with several awards from both Dubai as well as Telangana. He is well known for mainly upper GI , colorectal, anal, bariatric and thyroid surgeries. He also treats benign breast disorders, polytrauma, and diseases of the thyroid. 

5.Dr.Abtan Ahmad 

Dr.Abtan Ahmad is a medical gastroenterologist in Dubai who has now over 35 years of experience . He is currently working in Medcare Hospital, Al Safa. He is well known in the field of gastroenterology with an extensive more than 35 years of experience. His key interest like in management if diseases ranging right from acute gastritis, acidity, heartburn, IBS, GERD, chronic abdominal pain to treating acute chronic hepatitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohns disease, liver cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis, pancreatic disease, peptic ulcer and much more. Other than clinical works he is also well active in associations and memberships of several different societies like Jordan Gastroenterology society, One examination group, Jordan Society of Allery and Immunology, British European society of Gastroenterology.

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