10 Best Pediatric Hospitals in Dubai 2024

Young kids and children have become easy targets for several diseases and infections. This is because these kids do possess a fully developed immune system in their bodies. Thus, it is important that they are given with enough care, nourishment, and protection so that they don’t have to face any unwanted conditions. Instead of visiting a general doctor, viewing a pediatrician is necessary for your kids. This helps them to be checked by a professional and fielded person. So, please continue reading and search for the best Paediatric hospitals in Dubai.

  1. Prime Hospital

This is one of the best multi-specialty hospitals that is located in Dubai. The hospital was established in the year 1999. Prime hospitals follow the modern technologies of the medical field and can help in treating your kids in the best manner. A few outstanding features of this hospital are:

  • There are so many hospitals that are taken into consideration as the leading health care providers by the United Arab Emirates. Prime hospital, a multi-specialty one along is also considered to be one among them. Thus, you are reaching out to a professional and well-established Paediatrician.
  • This hospital provides medical services in around 30+ fields or departments, where they have highly educated and experienced doctors in the Child specialist field. They are operating with modern technologies and surgical methods, making things simpler.
  • Coming to the infrastructure, they have all kinds of facilities and medical rooms inside their hospital and thus providing their patients with the soundest environment possible. They have adult and child ICU, mind centers, pharmacies etc.
  • Prime hospitals have two of the greatest accreditations by Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2016 and by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) in the year 2019 and are one among the best Paediatric hospitals in Dubai.
  • The hospital was constructed in accordance with the AIA guidelines and thus ensured safety. Not just the infrastructure but also the doctors, nurses, and other staff are highly trained to provide your kid with the best medical solution and safety.
  • The hospital also has a spacious and clean cafeteria and provides all the necessities to its patients. They also provide home services and a long stay in the hospitals after specific formalities and licenses.2.

2.Burjeel Hospital

Burjeel is a super-specialty hospital which is located in Dubai and was established in the year 2007. The hospital was established by the established Dr.ShamsheerVayalil in collaboration with Dr.SamihTarabichi in the year of 2007. This is a hospital that is awarded with many awards and thus provides a great medical facility for your kid. They also provide excellent featured services such as:

  • They were awarded by the Economic times with Best Asian Healthcare Brand; it was also awarded the best laboratory and building design; they have been awarded for their exemplary service in treating and helping cancer patients with a cause.
  • The hospital uses the latest technology even in their architectural design. They have a setup which is called the laminar airflow that helps reduce the spread of infection. The plan is well executed based on the guidelines that were provided.
  • They have a team of well-trained and professional doctors and other medical staff who will help in providing the best services possible for your kid and the best Paediatric hospitals in Dubai.
  • Since it is a super specialty hospital, any kind of emergency treatment which is recommended by your child specialist for your kid can be sorted out immediately.
  • Burjeel is a hospital with 209 beds, with a 14-bed ICU along with operating rooms that are counted up to 10. They also have the Royal and Presidential suites for creating extra facilities.

3.Zulekha Hospital

Now again, let us dive into a multi-specialty hospital that has marvellous facilities to take care of your loved ones, kids, and parents. Zulekha was established in the year 2004 by the Zulekha health group. They have been in service since then and have helped a lot of people by providing medical facilities. The hospital has around 190 beds which help in providing the best service to their patients. There are also a few notable features of the hospital. They are:

  • It has received various prestigious awards, which is the best among many hospitals which stands out from others in providing the best medical treatment possible. They provide extraordinary services in treating both inpatients and outpatients and endure an amazing service.
  • The hospital provides people with more than 30 departments and fields of medical excellence, including the Paediatric department that helps in treating your young kid with primary care. There are also other major departments such as the oncology for immediate action, treatment, and care.
  • These groups also provide flight bookings, airport pick and drop, and online transaction services. This helps in many foreign patients, and they are benefitted. This s a traditional hospital that has more than 50 years of experience in providing medical services to the people and society.
  • They have a hi-fi lab that can focus on your needs and deal with them with a solution from a scientific point of view. They have exemplary medical facilities and techniques that have help in providing world-class treatment for people.
  • There are so many specialization fields, including pediatrics, gastroenterology, cardiology, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, nephrology, reproductive medicine, and ophthalmology. 
  • They also provide home care services and a curative environment that is hygienic for the patients to feel comfortable.

4.Medeor Hospital 24×7

Medeor 24×7 hospital provides people with multi-specialty facilities which are located in Dubai, the highest level of excellence in the medical field is provided in this hospital, and it was established in the year 2007. It was established by the renowned Dr.ShamsheerVayalil. The hospital is also accredited by JCL (Joint Commission International) which is due to the quality medical service which is being offered by Medor Hospitals 24×7. A few features of this hospital are:

  • This is a multi-specialty hospital which is dealing with different specialties in the medical fields like urology, Mother & Child Care, cardiology, Gastroenterology, Laparoscopic surgeries and various other fields, including pediatrics. 
  • The entire team of doctors, nurses, and even staff working in the hospital comprise general skills that are required to take extensive care. The specialty medical practitioners have extensive experience and knowledge in handling your loved ones and little ones.
  • Medeor hospital in one which is well-equipped. They have extensive diagnostic and imaging facilities, including the advanced medical technologies such as the 1.5 Tesla MRI. They also have a high-end 160 CT scan, which helps in examining accurately. The dual detector X-ray is also available at the hospital, which helps in providing excellent medical services.
  • The hospital has experts from all over the world in various medical fields, ensuring complete protection to your child. Their experience will help in curing any problem that your child is facing with good care and proper medication.

5.Fakeeh University Hospital

Fakeeh University Hospital providedmulti-specialty treatmentto its patients and was launched inthe year 2018by the Fakeeh Care Group in Dubai. This hospital consists of 350-bed facilities along with various other modern technologies that have been surging in the medical field. There are also a few facilities that have to be noted about this hospital. They are:

  • Fakeeh hospital is one of the leading choices that people try to choose when it comes to primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare that offers 20+ specialties treatments to the people.
  • This hospital has a smart environment and uses the cutting-edge technology, which provides better medical services and helps in meeting the needs of the patients. They have integrated setups such as electronic records and integrated vision systems that can help develop the medical treatment in and around.
  • The hospital also consists of around 350 beds, out of which ten exclusive beds are available for pediatrics and taking care of newborns which id of different fields. Thus, you can be happy to ensure safe and facility medication for your kids.
  • They also provide a 24×7 emergency health care services and also have the capacity to manage and take care, provide treatment for a greater number of people. They have a team of dedicated workers, nurses, and doctors to ensure the safety of people that come to them, trusting the hospital.
  • The interiors are designed in a that they are pleasing, well-lit, and provide comfortable airflow. The entire hospital focuses on hygiene, and it is maintained the same. It is a completely smoke-free hospital and ensures that no one is being disturbed. 
  • It has so many collaborations with international medical teams and hospitals. Thus, you are in a safer and a widely connected network. This will ensure immediate treatment for your loved ones and kids with the best Paediatric hospitals in Dubai.

6.Thumbay Hospital

The Thumbay Hospital, which is located in Dubai, was established in the year 2015. This one in Dubai is a multi-specialty hospital that is one among the five hospitals that were established by the Thumbay Group. This is also one of the best among the best hospitals of this group. Let’s us dive into the few features of this hospital:

  • The hospital provides world-class health care facilities, and thus, it is one of the major choices of people to trust and get treated in the hospital. People from all across the world tend to choose them for the quality of medical service that is being provided. 
  • Thumbay hospitals have so many federations and have treated patients across the globe from 175+ countries. They have a wide network and thus can provide the best medical facility and services possible.
  • For the quality of service that is being rendered in this hospital, it has also been awarded with the Dubai Quality appreciation award, Sheik Khalifa’s excellence award, and also Dubai Human Development and Appreciation award. The doctors and staff that support them are from various countries. 
  • Thus, your child can be provided with high-class treatment. Since it is a multi-specialty hospital, your child and loved ones can be provided with immediate care and attention.
  • They also have picture-perfect technologies that can enhance the service that is being provided in the medical field for the patients that are coming to the hospital. The hospital is a modern building; from architecture to banking, everything can be done without giving you excess stress and tension. It is designed in a way to provide a healthy environment to all patients, from babies to kids to elderly adults. 

7.Saudi German Hospital

The Saudi German Hospital, which is located in Dubai, is owned by one of the largest private healthcare hospitals and their group. The hospital is also called SGH. They have a trusted leading and quality medical services for people and kids in the society. It is a multi-specialty hospital that was established in the year 2012. They provide various features that help them to top the chart. They are:

  • SGH provides medication and treatments at their hospitals and helps foreign patients get benefitted through their quality services. 
  • They do all sorts of surgical procedures such as eye surgery, joint replacement surgery, weight loss surgery, cancer treatment, special child surgeries, and all various fields and departments.
  • The hospital has received high accreditations and awards and has a quality management system that can take good care of the inpatient’s and outpatients’ needs. They also have an Environmental management system, and thus, they care to protect even the environment around them.
  • They have also received Gold certification for their extraordinary excellence in patient management, and they also provide rehabilitation facilities.
  • Thus, they will provide the best featured and modern solutions or medication for your kids as they have a team of dedicated and experts.

8.NMC Speciality hospital, AI Nadah

NMC Speciality Hospital, Al Nadah is one of the parts of the NMC healthcare association, and it is one of the largest private healthcare companies. It is also one among the top fertility service providers worldwide. It is one of the best multi-specialty hospitals which provides the best care and facility for the patients. There are also so many people from foreign countries to take treatment. They provide few features such as:

  • It has more than 52+ specialties in many fields of medical science, including Orthopaedic, Spine surgery, Advance & Minimally Invasive Surgery, Joint Surgery, Ayurveda, Lactation Services, Speech Therapy, and other fields such as pediatrics that can help in the proper growth of your kid.
  • The hospital has so many facilities and technologies that can help in providing the people with the best services that are available in the world. There are so many people that are choosing this hospital for treating their kids as they provide the best modern solutions and medications for their kids and children.
  • They provide people with comprehensive health care services that are available for 24×7 and thus provides the best help possible by any hospital.
  • NMC Healthcare has also received several awards, accreditations, and recognitions such as Gold Stevie Award in the year 2016, Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award between 2016-2017, Super brands between 2016-2017, and many such awards.

9.Al Zahra Hospital

The Al Zahra Hospital is located in Dubai, which is also a multi-specialty hospital. They extensively take care of kids and children in the best way possible and provide proper treatments. They have a record of treating 5000+ overseas and foreign patients every year and providing people with the best services possible. They have few highlighted features in their hospital, such as:

  • They have a dedicated and committed team of doctors and other medical physicians who can provide you and your kid with the world-class treatment and offer the best solution possible. They are experienced and equipped with sound knowledge in their field of work.
  • They are doing a lot of extended research and development in the field of medicine. They have been trying to cure and arrive at accurate solutions with the best new-age technologies that are available.
  • They have employed the world’s most advanced technologies and techniques which helps in providing the hi-fi medical treatment that every people visiting their hospital receives.
  • Al Zahra has been globally recognized, acknowledged, and also accredited with the best facilities possible in terms of medicine and treatments.

10.Valiant Clinic and Hospital

This hospital has Dr. Ziad King, who is a pediatric consultant and helps in providing the best basic solutions possible for the problems faced by your kid. He treats children from the age of babies to 18 years of age. The various features that they provide are:

  • They focus on child growth and development through various medical technological analyses. They also provide the best check-ups for young babies.
  • Vaccination and preventive treatment or care are also being provided by the Valiant clinic, which helps in the development of a better and healthy future for your kid.
  • Acute cough, asthma, chronic cough, infections, and allergies are also being treated by the Valiant clinic for the kids.

Bottom line

Helping your kids by providing a healthy life can shape their future. Thus, choose the best hospital and consider treatment from the best doctor. Please do not provide self-medication for young kids as it can be dangerous.

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