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Dr. Glynn specializes in the naturopathic assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders including Asperger’s, ADHD and other learning disorders, and depression. She is experienced in the treatment of postpartum depression, OCD, and bipolar disorders.

Dr. Glynn enjoys working with patients who are ready to take on the challenge of improving their health through lifestyle change and well-directed naturopathic medical interventions (as needed). In the state of Washington, Dr. Glynn is a primary care physician. She can help manage medications and order labs/imaging if needed, but is additionally trained in herbal medicine, nutrition, genetic interpretation, safe and directed nutrient supplementation, homeopathy and counseling.

All the care Dr. Glynn provides aims to restore the relationship between doctor and patient. She believes strongly that naturopathic preventive care should not be limited to the wealthy and that finances should never be the only barrier to experiencing health and happiness. Through PNW Sustainable Medicine, her 501(c)(3) federally-recognized nonprofit clinic, Dr. Glynn can deliver high-quality holistic care at a discounted cost to those who need it most. She focuses on optimization of health, rather than solely on treating disease.

Who can qualify?

• persons with low income (less than or equal to 400% of federal poverty level for family size)
• first responders including fire, police and their families
• veterans, active military and their families
• individuals and families living with:
• ADHD or autism spectrum disorders
• anxiety or depression
• developmental or physical disabilities
• genetic conditions like Down’s Syndrome
• endocrine and autoimmune conditions

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