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Holistic Physician / Orthopedic Surgeon / Yogi / Founder & Creator of MONQ Aromatherapy Anywhere

I’ve treated tens of thousands of patients in my private practice, spent two decades streamlining medical offices with electronic health record technologies, 19 years retailing and wholesaling speech recognition software to physicians, attorneys, and corporations, and spent over 17 years consulting 17,000 medical practices in the EHR industry through my company

I retired from medicine in 2012, and, to keep busy, I became a certified yoga instructor in 2013. This introduced me to the importance of applying a holistic wellness mindset to my vast knowledge of western medicine. Based on personally experiencing the healthy benefits of using aromatherapy, I decided to make it accessible to anyone, anywhere, by starting MONQ. I created a new industry that streamlined aromatherapy by blending the ancient and modern—nature with technology—through a new and sleek delivery method.

Having sold over 1,000,000 of our novel personal aromatherapy diffusers to people around the world, we are now poised to expand into other holistic venues. You can learn more about doctor-approved Therapeutic Air®, Therapeutic Fragrance®, & Therapeutic Liquid® at and our CBD-infused experiences at If you want to partner with MONQ, reach out to me directly!

My personal mission is to improve human lives one breath at a time, helping you feel better, do better, and be better. MONQ sits at the intersection of seven different industries including aromatherapy, vaping, cannabis, and potentially tobacco. I am interested in partnering with other great minds and companies to make wellness accessible to everyone using a scientific approach to holistic health.

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