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After 20 years of practicing Healthcare through both its wings : “The Medical Practicing “ as a General Surgeon then a Family Medicine Specialist and “The Healthcare Management as a Medical Manager , Operations Director and Healthcare Risk Management Specialist ” including Set up of many healthcare firms and Organizations practicing Operations , Branding , Marketing and of course Management and Adminstration of them .
Most of my working journey was in Egypt and United Arab Emirates.
And it was always supported by studying ; after having the MBBCH from Egypt i had the Membership of Royal College of Surgeons from UK then the Fellowship of Family Medicine from Egypt for the medical practicing and for the Hospitals & Healthcare management i had High Diploma of Hospital Management , MBA , Diploma of Healthcare Operations and Diploma of Healthcare Business Development , Many Legislations , Medico- legal , Malpractice & Risk management Certificates and many other Medical and Administrative Degrees and Certificates.

I found that though i had setup and managed tens of Clinics , Medical Centers , Hospitals TPA companies and Health Insurance Companies in Egypt and UAE and after i treated thousands of patients in both Countries also , Everyday in the field of healthcare you will find new things to learn , from your Colleagues , from your Patients , from your Professors and from your own Studies . It is simply a non stop developing field and if you choose it for your career you have to run more and more and update yourself and your knowledge and skills on daily basis if you are looking for success.

But when you achieve success you are really making a difference may be more than any other career .
Your efforts will never go down the drain in this field.

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