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Dr.Madans hair transplant clinic is known to be one of the world best hair transplant centres in Bangalore currently with outstanding results at affordable rates. The practice was started in the early 1952 and it was the year when hair transplant first started and was performed on mostly males that suffer from male pattern baldness and since then there have been increasing trends in technology as well as more people that are willing to opt for it. New techniques have also come into practice which have more safety, less pain, side effects, complications and affordable costs.

Hair transplantation techniques they use-

  • Auto cloning
  • Follicular unit extraction FUE 
  • Long hair technique 
  • Beard transplantation 
  • Eyebrow transplantation 
  • Beard to head transplant 
  • Body hair transplant 
  • Long hair transplant 
  • Non shave FUE hair transplant 

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