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Kaya Skin Clinic is one of the most popular and renowned skin care branches in all over UAE.It opened in UAE in 2003 and now has 23 clinics all over UAE. It is an international chain that specializes in advanced dermatological solution for men and women all internationally and all over UAE. They give personalized care around each patient with their routine and customized treatments that restore, rejuvenate and preserve the skin, hair and body. Their clinic not only treats skin, but also body and hair treatments are also available from the expert dermatologist. Right from the acne of adolescents to challenges of mature skin and stretch marks of motherhood, Kaya has the best remedy for all the skin problems at every stage of life. 




  • Skin– The treatments for skin in Kaya are: –
  • Acne &acne scar solutions
  • Age control solutions
  • Dar circle remedies
  • Lip enhancement solutions
  • Hand &feet rejuvenation
  • Pigmentation solutions
  • Skin glow face therapies
  • Wart removal


  • Hair – The treatments for hair in Kaya are:-
  • Hair strength terapies
  • Hair transplant
  • Eyebrow and eyelash treatment
  • Beard transplant 


  • Body– The treatments for body in Kaya are:-
  • Body contouring solutions
  • Cellulite solutions
  • Stretch mark solutions 


Doctors team 


  • Dr. Vandana
  • Dr.Eman Tawfik
  • Dr.Nayna Nangia
  • Dr.Nancy
  • Dr.Kausar
  • D.Reham
  • Dr.Rowan
  • Dr.Asmaa
  • Dr.Amira
  • Dr.Vivek
  • Dr.Alia
  • Dr.Rasha

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