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Nanavati hospital in Mumbai is one of the well-known hospitals in the area. It is one of the more renowned health care centers in Mumbai and it offers medical services over a wide range of specialties services. Most neurological disorders are very complex and therefore treatment must be done with the best experienced hands and by an expert neurologist. The hospital also has the best team of expert trained and qualified neurologists who always have the best of solutions for every neurological disorders.   

Salient features 

  • Accreditation by NABH
  • Accreditation by NABL
  • 350 patient beds offered
  • Well-equipped laboratory 
  • Round the clock pharmacy 
  • Nutrition counselling, breathing exercise, physiotherapy consultation
  • JCI accredited healthcare unit
  • Certified under medical travel quality alliance 
  • Has hybrid lab facilities
  • 24 hours service provision by ICU
  • Ambulance pick up service
  • 24/7 emergency service 
  • Dedicated speech therapist 
  • Treatments for hearing loss
  • Treatment for sleep apnoea
  • SJCI accredited healthcare unit
  • Certified under medical travel quality alliance 

Team of doctors 

  • Dr.Nitin dange
  • Dr. Ghulam Khan
  • Dr.Mohinish B
  • Dr.Suresh sankhla
  • Dr.Ashutosh shetty
  • Dr.Vikram karmarkar
  • Dr.Bapujee sawant
  • Dr.Kishore shetty
  • Dr.Sunanda anand
  • Dr. K C Shah
  • Dr. Harshadrai C



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