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Neo follicle transplant clinic in Bangalore is said to be one among the good hair transplant clinics in Bangalore currently. Many celebrities as well as notable people have visited here for treatments over the last few years. The clinic offers hair loss treatments like hair transplant, MPG, PRP,FUE, Beard transplant etc conducted by the clinics expert surgeon Dr.Sandeep Mahapatra. This doctor is said to be one of Asia’s current leading and best trichologists and an expert in neo cosmetic hair replacement and he has performed over 16 years in the field and more than 4000 hair transplant surgeries so far using all the advanced restoration techniques itself. They are glad that they have a doctor like Dr.Sandeep Mahapatra as their leading consultant as he is the best doctor in Bangalore and a neo cosmetic hair replacement expert. 

Hair transplantation techniques they use-

  • Neo follicle hair transplant
  • PRP
  • Neo laser therapy
  • Neo follicle stem cell therapy 
  • Microcirculation 
  • Cool laser beam tech
  • Hair fall consultancy
  • Hair transplant
  • Hair redesign
  • Follicular unit extraction FUE 
  • Long hair technique 
  • Beard transplantation 
  • Eyebrow transplantation 
  • Auto cloning
  • Beard to head transplant 
  • Body hair transplant 
  • Long hair transplant 
  • Non shave FUE hair transplant 

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