Top 10 Neuro Spinal Hospitals Dubai 2024

Accomplishing the medicinal field will be a vision for many people, working firm for that. It is a passion-filled study, and you need complete focus on it. The spinal cord is the strongest organ in the human body, and it plays an essential role in human life and body. People must take special care of their spinal cord, and it is used to control the body movements and functions for a healthy life. When people feel something bad in their spinal cord or veins, they must consult a Neuro specialist immediately. 

The signal from your brain to other body parts to control your movements. It will be the statement to sense your brain, and the signal from other parts of the body helps your brain record and process sensations like pressure or pain. Only a Neuro specialist can identify your problem in the spinal cord and provide the solution to various problems in the spinal cord. It is important to choose the best Neuro hospital to over your problem, and the top 10 Neuro spinal hospitals in Dubai are mentioned below.

1. Burjeel Hospital, Dubai

The Burjeel hospital, Dubai, was recognized in 2007 by the well-known Dr Shamsheer Vayalil in partnership with Dr. Samih Tarabichi. It was granted as the Best Asian Healthcare Brand by The Economic Times, Rewarded the Best Laboratory procedure by Hospital Build & Infrastructure the Middle East. They can also establish a recognition award from Al Hosn Gas for their donation, hold up to the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, and move on. The hospital comprises a well-skilled and dynamic team of specialists equipped with the most modern equipment and laminar airflow systems to continue internationally accepted sterility norms that reduce the risk of infection. Efficiently manages all types of diagnostic & therapeutic procedures such as knee replacement, hip replacement arthritis, revision surgeries, Neuro-physiology, etc. It is well known for the neurologist specialist to solve the problem that occurs in your spinal cord.

2. Medeor Hospital 24×7, Dubai:

Medeor 24×7 is a multispecialty hospital in Dubai. They provided you with the highest level of medical excellence. It was established in 2007 by Dr. Sham sheer Vayalil and is qualified by JCL (Joint Commission International). The team comprises skilled universal and specialty medical practitioners, nurses, technologists, and personnel with wide experience. The hospital with diverse specialities such as cardiology, Mother & Child Care, Urology, Laparoscopic surgeries, neurology, etc. It is also well equipped with diagnostic and imaging facilities such as the 1.5 tesla MRI, high-end 160 CT scan, and dual detector X-ray to assemble the ever-changing needs of the patients. The hospital’s urology department is familiar with its thorough investigations in the case of renal stones and urinary reorganizing techniques. It also offers Neurology and Neurosurgery treatment of spinal cord, naval injury, and veins stokes.

3. Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai:

Fakeeh University hospital is a multi-specialty hospital launched in 2018 by Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is a hospital with leading primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare choices. It is fully equipped with cutting-edge Technology and a smart system to meet the hospital’s unique needs. And the hospital is fully integrated with electronic medical records supports improvements to the quality and efficiency of healthcare services for patients. Some facilities include 24*7 emergency care, Cath Lab, Inpatient services facilities, intensive care unit, COVID-19 screening patient-focused clinics. The hospital uses innovative diagnostic Technology; advanced data assisted, and automated medication dispensing systems combined with leading medical experts. It is designed with a 100% green building structure and promoted as a completely smoke-free healthcare facility. Fakeeh University Hospital is advanced in Neurosurgery research, and it will provide world-class medical education. 

4. American Hospital, Dubai:

The American Hospital is a multi-specialty private hospital established in 1996 with the vision of world-class, comprehensive medical facilities. It has state-of-the-art facilities and a skilled team of healthcare experts specialized in more than 40 medical and surgical specialties. The Cancer Care programme was the first to offer comprehensive one-stop care in Dubai and a prestigious Mayo Clinic Care Network member. It is the first hospital to boast of the fourth generation to conduct robotic surgery for better diagnosis and treatment. They also provide a neurology specialist to cure your problems with limited time and cost. So, you need to ensure the patients experience the best services.

5. NMC Speciality Hospital, Al Nadah:

NMC hospital is part of NMC healthcare, a large private healthcare company and is one of the leading fertility service providers in the world. It mainly aims to provide the best healthcare facility and Neurosurgery specialities, well-equipped laboratory and the state of the art equipment. The hospital serves as the referral centre of choices for the smaller medical centre, and specialist doctors are available for consultation and treatment. It has an International patients Centre with a devoted team of internationally trained and certified medical experts and quality care. NMC Specialty is tie-ups with the international health insurances for particular operations such as Neurosurgery, heart replacement and joint & bone replacement. It is attributed to JCI and the Asian civilization of Hernia surgical procedure.

6. Prime Hospital, Dubai:

Prime Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital set up in 1999 which has the leading healthcare facilities. It will offer you the best treatment and is highly equipped with the latest medical and surgical equipment. Prime Hospital has an expert team of surgeons and doctors, and the medical staff is highly trained, follows safety precautions and is guided by international quality accreditation standards. Prime Hospital offers homecare for Neuro patients of diagnostic and medical services and is provided by a licensed team from the hospital who are as competent in delivering the services.

7. Zulekha Hospital, Dubai:

Zulekha Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital set up in 2004. It is the leading centre for inpatient and outpatient treatments and has received many awards and honors for delivering excellent healthcare services. They provide various department rights from the basic emergency and labour services and have advanced specialities such as neurosurgery and oncology treatments. The medical team of surgeons, doctors and the medical staff are highly professionals and offer compassionate care. The hospital offers treatment for various specialities: cardiology, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, and nephrology. It is one opt for health, maternity, vaccination and plastic surgery packages and offer Home care services medication management at home. The hospital premises are huge, well-done, clean, and make patients feel comfortable.

8. Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai:

The Canadian Specialist Hospital is a world-class medical facility, and it is one of the largest private hospitals in Dubai. The institution of choice for referrals from medical centers that lack specialized facilities and renders complete heritable and prenatal services through its avant-garde medical and surgical expertise. The hospital offers an average international quality of medical care, rehabilitative services, and concerned patient care at a reasonable cost. It has more than 50+ specialties under medical services such as neurosurgery, dental, critical care, diagnostic, etc. They give more importance to neuro spinal surgery because many people face this problem due to weakness in their bones. Telemedicine is available to connect with a doctor and won healthcare awards.

9. Dr Amal Alias Fertility & Gynaecology Center, Dubai:

Dr Amal Alias Fertility & Gynecology Center in Dubai is famous for treating infertile couples with the latest high-end Technology on advanced reproductive care. It provides you with premium healthcare services through practiced physicians from various parts of the world with a holistic approach, service, and care. 

The team can comprise specialize in artificial reproductive Technology. They provide several ranking equipment such as Ultrasound, neurology and the best IVF equipment. They provide you with art technology like award-winning IVF equipment, which is the most advanced.

10. Thumbay Hospital, Dubai:

Thumbay Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital and leading option for patients as it has earned a reputation for offering world-class healthcare to people from across the globe. It is attributed to the International Board of Medicine & Surgery and the Medical Tourism Association. The facility is advanced and set up to offer personalized care in less time. They offer you a dedicated service to minimize patient time loss and inconvenience. Patients who opt for this pack up are given the main concern with registration, consultation, examination/diagnosis, surgeries, documentation and billing, thus making the patient’s health visit at Thumbay Hospital a pleasant experience. The infrastructure is fully equipped with the latest medical equipment such as neurosurgery and Communication Systems for radiology. The hospital’s dedicated medical tourism section offers services to overseas patients by resolving their queries and addressing other concerns. Hospital is modern and equipped with Wi-Fi. It is clean, spacious and has shops, ATMs and a lounge area. For patients who suffer from the spinal cord, you can have the best option of choosing the right Thumbay Hospital in Dubai.

Bottom Line: 

Thus, from the above, many people are affected by the spinal cord problem because of weak bone, which will create pressure or pain in the spinal. So, to avoid it, you need to consult with the neurosurgery specialties with advanced equipped Technology. 

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