Top 10 Skin Clinics in Dubai 2024

If you need to treat your skin, you may approach the skin clinics, and they provide treatment according to your skin type. It involves applying a chemical solution to remove damaged skin, and also, you can peel your skin from mild to deep. Based on your skin type and skin problems, the doctors will treat your skin. Chemical peels treat wrinkles, acne scars, rough skin, age spots, and freckles and treatment involve smearing a chemical solution to eliminate damaged skin. The best type for you depends on the severity of your skin problems, and taking care of your skin is just as important as eating a well-balanced diet and receiving enough sleep. Treating yourself to a facial treatment every week can benefit your skin in many different ways. Besides boosting relaxation, a common facial provides many benefits, including major modifications to your skin tone, texture and impression. There were a lot of clinics available in Dubai if you need a best result it is better to visit the skin clinic. Below you can see the top skin clinics in Dubai:

Ecla Clinic

Based in Dubai, Ecla Clinic carves a niche for itself through its dedication to personalized transformation. Our team of experts combines cutting-edge laser technology with meticulous care, crafting dramatic results tailored to each client’s unique aesthetic goals. Whether your desire is facial rejuvenation, body sculpting, or a complete dental makeover, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to guide you on your aesthetic journey. Driven by a pursuit of excellence and innovation, Ecla Clinic aspires to be your trusted partner in achieving your vision of beauty.

List of Doctors

Dr. Vera Matta, RD & Ph.D. – Our Nutritionist, Dr. Vera Matta, RD & Ph.D. in Nutritional Psychotherapy [Instagram]. She completed her bachelor’s in nutrition & dietetics at Notre Dame University- Lebanon. Then, pursued her master’s and Ph.D. degrees at Princely International University-New York.

The Elixir Clinic

It is an entirely wellness and beauty clinic in Dubai, and Elixir specializes in venous vitamin drip treatments intended to relax and recover your mind and body. While the clinic is a special skincare clinic, its team of skilled professionals is talented in anti-ageing therapies, laser treatments, body sculpting and more. If you visit this clinic once you like the most, you will get good treatment here. They will analyze your skin completely and provide the treatment according to your issues. Then they will provide treatment according to your skin if you have sensitive skin, the treatment will vary, if you have oily skin, they prefer various treatments. Likewise, they will provide treatment for your skin, and they treat your skin in an excellent manner and bring back your skin to normal within minimal times of setting. In this clinic, they provide various famous kids of therapy and have highly qualified doctors.

Kaya skin clinic

Kaya clinic is the best one in Dubai, and it has various branches, this clinic’s name comes in the top name list among all the skincare clinics in Dubai. It offers solutions for acne, dark circles and pigmentation. This clinic also offers lip improvement treatment, laser hair reduction and wart removal treatments in Dubai. Even they provide treatment for men, and they can undergo cosmetic and dermatological procedures and surgeries. Kaya Skin Clinic is conveniently located in various locations like Jumeirah Beach Road, BurJuman, midriff and Barsha heights. In this, you can get treatment from highly specialized doctors, and they are providing treatment with highly efficient tools. Their equipment contains the various features that make your skin look better, and they treat your skin with last technology.

Zo skin Centre

This clinic was established by Zein Obagi, and it is the best skin clinic in Dubai that offers cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical treatments in a relaxed, elegant setting. Its surgical techniques include rhinoplasty (nose surgery), tummy tuck, and liposuction, while carboxytherapy (cellulite treatment) and Matrix (skin resurfacing). This clinic has two branches in Dubai, making it easier for the residents to visit any branch that they find more accessible. You can either see the Jumeirah branch or the one situated in Mirdif. This Skin Centre has some of the best skin specialists in Dubai who can treat your skin condition without causing you any inconvenience.

JTS Medical Center

JTS Medical Centre contains experienced Consultants & Specialists who organize form multidisciplinary groups mixing ethical and quality healthcare in a state-of-the-art outpatient facility, providing treatments for all types of patients and their requirements. This clinic contains skilled Physicians who received international certifications and degrees in their areas of knowledge, and they are well known for their high medical and quality standards. The unified teamwork of expertise between the medical groups allows for better patient treatments and outcomes across more than 15 medical subspecialties.

Leila Hariri Dental & Medical Aesthetics 

Dr Leila Hariri is the founder of the Leila Hariri Dental & Medical Aesthetics, and she has 15 years of experience in Dubai. Dr Hariri believes that skincare should be comfortable pleasant while delivering a very high standard of personalized care. The clinic has a home-based environment that puts patients at ease from the moment they enter it. Hariri’s professional teams are equipped with state of art skincare technology and deliver the best care for every single patient. 

Emirates Hospital 

Emirates Hospital is clever, modern, and perfectly clean, and it has an excellent international reputation. It is a popular subsidiary of Emirates healthcare Clinic and this has a top-class facility committed to delivering the finest personalised healthcare solutions in the county. This is clinic contains some of the world’s best-respected foremost doctors, and they provide quality healthcare delivery to a very high standard. This hospital is joined by many regulators, institutions, insurers and manufacturers. They are committed to developing and promoting bright new ideas in the long-term strategies to carry a positive approach to patients. This clinic provides high-end service within the facility. The clinic maintains the uppermost levels of highest quality healthcare, refining the region’s overall health and excellence of life. This clinic is internationally credited, highly skilled and qualified doctors join the finest nurses, and advanced electronic record-keeping and internationally recognized treatments deliver to patients.

Roya Medical Center

Roya Medical Center is located in Dubai, this clinic has the best doctors, and they are well qualified, they are experts in treating the skin. Roya Medical Center aims to deliver the highest quality care and treatment in a safe, relaxed, and comfortable environment for everyone. People trust RMC for outstanding health and wellness improvement solutions. They provide skin treatment for patients with a world-class experience. The clinic has a team that is perfectly equipped to give you the best possible treatment by utilizing ultra-advanced equipment, state of the art facilities and innovative procedures. The clinic always provides quality and better service to all patients.

Aesthetic Polyclinic Dermatology Dental Plastology 

Aesthetic Polyclinic is a full-service cosmetic clinic it offers plastic surgery, dermatology, dental, and medical spa services. They have a cutting-edge facility designed with a patient mindset, and they guarantee to provide a good experience for their clients, whether they have travelled from abroad or live in Dubai. Aesthetic Polyclinic acknowledges each person’s individuality, and its specialists trust in supplying natural-looking results that improve a person’s natural features. The team is highly qualified, and they use progressive technologies to meet their patients’ goals. The clinic delivers customized treatment plans for each individual and allows its clients to make their own decisions to reach their desired results.

Prime Hospital

Prime Hospital delivers personalised care to each one of its patients. The doctors at Prime Hospital make the hospital feel like a protracted family to every patient, and they are driven by the relationship they have with their patients. With their wealth of experience, the medical team takes a solution-led approach to care and is also available for, both medical and surgical. They are able to put their patients at comfort and explain ways simply and understandably to decrease any doubts that may exist.

Prime Hospital has been designed in a patient-friendly and aesthetic way, and the hospital is equipped with the latest available technology, which has been obtained from the finest suppliers in the industry. Medical professionals and doctors have been hand-picked and carry a treasure of experience from all over the world. Due to the range of cultures at Prime Hospital, patients from all backgrounds can be coordinated to a doctor who will be best suited to them.

CosmeSurge – Sheikh Zayed Road 

CosmeSurge is a private health clinic located in Dubai, and it provides high-quality cosmetic surgery. The clinic has a skilled team of highly-educated consultants that can make a range of events containing cosmetic liposuction, tummy tucks, laser hair removal, breast augmentation, hair transplantation, as well as providing dental and weight management services. At CosmeSurge, they aim to improve the beauty of their patients using their latest technology and facilities. They offer affordable treatments without negotiating the level of quality. They are promoting assurance and progress in the lives of their patients by improving their overall natural appearance. 

Gaga Medical & Aesthetic Center 

At Gaga Medical & Aesthetic Center, they trust style, beauty, and finesse. Their beliefs are to follow excellence, stimulate self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle through image, beauty, and transformation. Over the past several years, the clinic has helped many of its patients improve their appearance and make them look their best. With their talented and highly skilled team, they strive to deliver personalized and comfortable skills, and they provide satisfactory results that will amplify patients’ personal goals for beauty. They have acclaimed Dubai dermatologists, cosmetic and Plastic surgeons who are well-qualified to provide the best treatments in one of the best cosmetic clinics. Through the science and artistry of aesthetic medicine, the Gaga Medical & Aesthetic Center will assist you to improve your impression and to reveal your real glamour.

Final thoughts

Finally, the above mentioned are about the top clinic in Dubai, and if you need the best skincare treatment to enhance your look, you may approach the above-mentioned clinics.

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