10 Best Indian Dentists in Dubai 2024

Dentists in Dubai offer several excellent Dental treatments for their clients. Some of these top dentists treat their clients with several improved practices at convenient hours in Dubai. They aim to provide the most appropriate dental care with incredibly stylish and better-quality techniques. Their first priority is servicing the client, and they always listen to the client’s concerns and deliver them with the most elevated level of services. Their concept is to deliver efficient and quality health care service to their patient. Dentists diagnose and treating dental issues assist patients to grow better oral hygiene procedures. They clean teeth, correct bite issues, perform surgeries and extractions and perform other duties to ensure healthy teeth and mouth. Dentists are medical healthcare specialists who work with patients to treat dental oral disease, injuries and prevent dental health problems. As a dentist, they will typically be examining the dental and oral hygiene of patients and either offering advice or carrying out dental and surgical procedures. Below you can see about the best Indian dentist in Dubai:

Anupama Jaswal

Dr. Anupama Jaswal is an Invisalign certified doctor, and she is a family dentist at the NOA dental clinic. She contains over 21 years of wide clinical experience in dental medicine, and she has gathered plenty of talents and knowledge to manage your dental needs. She is predominantly known for her works in Endodontics, which means root canal treatments and cosmetic dental procedures like porcelain veneers and crowns.

Roy Thomas

Dr. Roy Thomas is a Professional Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon at NOA dental clinic, with over 25 years of clinical knowledge. He finished his MDS with a distinction in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the Manipal College Of Dental Sciences, India. Further, he received his Master-ship Certificate in Oral Laser Application from the University of Vienna, Austria. He also obtained a Certificate in Implantology from Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. Dr. Roy has a well-heeled experience in complicated extractions, surgical exposure of un-erupted teeth, and wisdom teeth removal. The teeth were impacted to pre-prosthetic surgeries that included sinus lift, frenectomy, soft tissue, and bone augmentation.

Ritual Agarwal

He has special interests in treating cosmetic and general dentistry at the Mediclinic hospital. Dr. Ritul Agarwal is a companion of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh- which is the highest recognition by the Royal College. He has gathered extensive pieces of knowledge in different fields of dentistry, including aesthetic smile makeovers and cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, root canal therapies, tooth-colored restorations, management of pediatric patients, periodontics, and minor surgical procedures with lasers. Furthermore, for customized patient care, he undertakes ceramic and anterior aesthetic restorations, smile designing, specified dental prosthesis, precision adoration contained dentures and maxillofacial prosthesis.

Gayatri Mago

For better than five years in the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Mago provided confidence to her patients and helped them restore a long-lasting better smile on their faces and she is working at Mediclinic, located in Dubai Mall. She has extensive experience across the entire orthodontic treatment spectrum of interceptive orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics, mini implants, and orthognathic surgeries. She provides a beautiful and functional smile to their clients using orthodontic treatment.

She also delivers personalized care to their patients, and she offers the most advanced orthodontic treatment options, including Invisalign and lingual orthodontics. She is also a Certified Invisalign giver and 3M Incognito lingual braces deliver for the GCC area. She has been awarded the prestigious Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. She always uses the specialized equipment’s to treat their client’s teeth.

Shallen Verma

Keeping rehearsed dentistry for over 20 years, Dr. Shallen Verma has the talents, the ability, and the knowledge to complete all your dental-related concerns. He is a licensed implantologist and periodontist and holds a Fellowship from the International College of Dentists, the USA, and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, USA. He rehearses at the Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, Dubai.

Before practicing in the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Verma previously worked in India, working in a conference of dental specialists. He delivered technical dental services to India’s VIPs, such as the Prime Minister and other dignitaries. He has also won several respected prizes over the years, such as the Excellent Doctor in the UAE at the Health prizes 2018 and Most Loved Dentist in the MENA region.

Dipti Sanghavi

Dr. Dipti has wide-ranging expertise in the evaluation and diagnosis of gum diseases, with extensive knowledge in precluding and wide non-surgical procedures and various surgical gum treatments. She finished her Masters’ Degree in Periodontics from the Government Dental College, Trivandrum, India, and now she is practicing at Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, Dubai.

She has performed as the team’s region for multidisciplinary treatments to preserve gums and teeth over the years. Her end goal is to ensure better efficient and aesthetic outcomes. Dr. Dipti is also skilled with laser treatment for cosmetic gum methods and believes in patient supervision and management with a creative process towards preventing and maintaining gum conditions.

Anil Ramu

Dr. Anil Ramu finished his Masters’ Grade in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India, in 2008, and he is a practicing dentist at Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, Dubai. Holding more than 12 years of knowledge in dentistry, he has over five years of knowledge in delivering orthodontic therapy for cleft lip and palate patients of all year’s groups. He also carries Fellowship in Neuromuscular Orthodontics from Italy and experienced micro and mini implants for orthodontics.

He has been act as a portion of the Cleft Lip and Palate group of physicians at the All India organization of talking and listening. He is also known for his dentist therapy preparation, which includes non-extraction orthodontics, orthodontics for flat face, and surgical orthodontics. His treatment approaches mostly concentrate on using increased modulation and delivering non-extraction treatment plans, in which reduction of permanent teeth for orthodontic therapy is tiniest. He is also an authorized provider of Invisalign, 3M Incognito hidden orthodontics, 3M Smart clip, and Damon (self-ligation bracket system).

Anila Virani

Dr. Anila Virani finished an advanced clinical program in pediatric dentistry. She obtained her technical analyses in pediatric dentistry from Queen Mary, University of London, one of the numerous prestigious institutions in the United Kingdom. Dr. Anila has a passion for caring and has had a technical practicum on managing the diverse requirements of young patients. Her therapy techniques make a special bond with her patients and make them fun-based. Her child psychology and behavioral science knowledge help her young patients create a relaxed environment. Some of her prominent treatment procedures contain modern techniques, with a special focus on conscious sedation, which assists in avoiding general anesthesia wherever possible.

Teertha Karmakar

Dr. Teertha Karnakar completed her studies at Rajiv Gandhi University in 2005 and gained her Master’s Degree in dentists from Dr. D.Y. Patil Dental College and Hospital in 2010. She followed progressive studies and finished special training in Lingual Orthodontics at the Kyungpook National University, Korea, in 2010. She also acquired her Incognito Braces Certification in Germany in 2011. She has been a component of several dental and orthodontic meetings in Dubai and abroad, where she offers lectures and classes.

One of her most significant talks was at the 10th Arab Orthodontic Conference, UAE, where she delivered her study, The Curious Case of the Impacted Canine. She specializes in engaging kids with preventive interceptive service, grown-ups with invisible and surgical service. She uses improved orthodontic treatments using the most delinquent self-ligating systems such as the Intelligent clip (3M) and the Damon method. She is a licensed provider of Invisalign, a trusted provider of Six Month Smiles, Inman, and a clear path aligner.

Dr. Anand Shenoy

He is a top-ranked honors student from the University of MAHE Manipal. His clinic is created in Dubai for more than 14 years, and then he is offering quality treatments at reasonable prices. Dr. Anand Shenoy, you will discover a massage chair to relax from stress before your meeting. He created a separate game zone, especially for kids, that will make your child need to stay there forever. He knows languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, and Tagalog.

Sandeep Malhotra

He is one of the numerous famous Pediatric dentists in Abu Dhabi and has been working for several years in the UAE across a number of the Emirates. He practices at Medeor Downtown Medical Center and has excellent expertise in treating all pediatric dental cases, and he provides treatment of children with special needs. His clients admire him for his caring approach and pleasant atmosphere in his clinics. He has completed his master’s in dentistry from India’s reputable Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. His assists the regions of expertise are control of late tooth explosion in kids, therapy of oral lesions in kids, root canal therapy in children, scoop dentures, tooth pulp therapy in children, etc.

Final thoughts

Finally, the above mentioned are the Indian dentist, but they work in Dubai, they provide highly efficient treatment for your teeth, and they provide a beautiful smile on your face.

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