20 best cardiologists in Dubai 2024

Today, the food habits and lifestyles of people have changed more, and they don’t care about the result of intake of unhealthy foods. Heart attack, heart failure, heart valve complications, and stroke are common cardiovascular diseases. Due to this change, the demand for Cardiologists is also increasing daily, and they are qualified for treating and promoting your heart. Dubai is a famous city for everything as the people in Dubai are shining expertise in every field. This post will see the top 20 best cardiologists in Dubai.

List of 20 best cardiologists In Dubai 

1. Dr Sachin Upadhyaya

One of the top best cardiologists in Dubai is Dr Sachin Upadhyaya, and he is a full-time physician, so that the patients can visit him anytime. He has completed DNB (cardiology) and DNB medicine and MBBS and holds the DOH license grade. Even though he is practising in Dubai, everyone considers him the finest and best Indian cardiologist in Dubai. He has 20 years of experience, and many people are happy to approach him to solve their heart problems.

2. Dr Nilesh K Oswal

In the list of best pediatric cardiologists in Dubai, Dr Nilesh K Oswal is an unavoidable doctor, and he has 25 years of experience in his field. He can perform a transthoracic and transesophageal for a high standard level, which is his best achievement. Treating adults’ hearts is different from treating kids’ hearts, and only this Doctor is specialized and experienced in treating kids with disorders, arrhythmia and heart and lung transplants.  

3. Dr Kais Mrabet 

There is a time to meet this Doctor, and he has 15 years of experience and 4-star ratings in Google review. Dr Kais Mrabet is the best interventional cardiologist in Dubai, and in his training, he takes a complex angioplasty, a structural heart condition and endovascular treatment of valvular heart condition. He has a record of nearly 5000 angioplasties and 2000 complex coronary interventions in the last ten years.

4. Dr Mohamed Salem

Dr Mohamed Salem is an Egyptian who has completed his MBBS and FACC and is practising as a great cardiologist in Dubai. He has 22 years of experience and tremendous experience with arteria radialis, complex cardiac and peripheral vascular interventions, venous disease, etc. This Doctor has high-level knowledge and participated in many scientific meetings of several publications. American Hospital in Dubai is best for cardiology, and he is the best Doctor in that hospital.

5. Dr Zulfiqar Ali

Dr Zulfiqar Ali is the finest Doctor who is always focused on providing simple treatment as much as possible to his patients. Anytime, he will update the latest techniques and procedures in this field by attending various international conferences and workshops. In addition to that, he is the best Pakistani cardiologist in Dubai and has 4.7 stars in Google reviews. Having 15 years of experience is one of the reasons to stay the best cardiologist.

6. Dr. Mustapha Shaaraoui 

The visiting time of this doctor depends on the visiting time of the hospital. Most of the doctors will move to the next work after treating a patient, but Dr Mustapha Shaaraoui will follow up with his patients to check whether they will feel good or not. He has excellent skills in Electrophysiology and has 22 years of experience in his field. First, he has completed a Bachelor of Science and later finished the cardiology fellowship.

7. Dr. Sandeep Chaturvedi 

Dr Sandeep Chaturvedi will stay different from other cardiologists because of his care and practice with efforts with their patients. He will use new techniques and innovations to treat patients according to their requirements. Always, he will give importance to the patients who require emergency treatment. He is one of the great Cardiologists in UAE with 16 years of experience, and he is an Indian nationality doctor.

8. Dr. Abdul Razzak Alkaddour

The topmost experienced and popular cardiologist is Dr Abdul Razzak Alkaddour, as he has 33 years of experience in cardiology. Numerous status scientific organizations are there, and he is a member of many of them, including the American college of cardiology, etc. Many people trust his treatment to achieve the 4.5 stars Google review.

9. Dr Firas Raouf Alani

Dr Firas Raouf Alani has published quite 40 articles in the top and highly respected medical journals since he spent most of the years of his career in the field of Clinical Research. Moreover, he was the first PI on 20 International Clinical Trials, a celebrated national and international speaker. He has 28 years of experience and holds the record of 5 stars in Google review.

10. Dr. Abdulmajeed Al Zubaidi

Since 2006, Dr Abdulmajeed Al Zubaidi has served at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City as a consultant Interventional cardiologist. He has a huge interest in complex coronary interventions. In his 20 years of experience, he performed more than 10000 cardiac procedures and used advanced and minimally invasive approaches. From 2012-to 2017, this Doctor served as a chief medic for Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. You can see the 4.8 Google reviews for this cardiologist.

11. Dr. Rajan Maruthanayagam

Dr Rajan Maruthanayagam is a cardiologist who specializes in interventional cardiology. He has completed the Doctorate of medicine in cardiology and has 28 years of experience. He specializes in complex coronary interventions, pacemaker implantation, chronic total occlusion, and primary angioplasty. Dr Maruthanayagam is also a member of the interventional cardiology teams at the Cherian Heart Foundation in Chennai, the Yasoudha Superspecialty Hospital in Hyderabad, and the MIOT Hospitals.

12. Dr. Abdelaziz Gomaa Ibrahim

The next inevitable top cardiologist in Dubai is Dr Abdelaziz Gomaa Ibrahim, and he has 21 years of experience as a cardiologist / Interventional cardiology. He has completed a Doctor of medicine in cardiology, and a master’s in cardiovascular medicine, and he knows to speak Arabic and English. The conditions of the patient’s heart can be diagnosed and treated effectively by him.

13. Dr Layla Al Marzooqi

Dr Layla Al Marzooqi has more than ten years of international and local experience as a clinical cardiologist, diagnosing and treating various blood pressure monitoring, Doppler echography, preventive cardiology, heart failure, etc., general cardiology. She has Royal College Of Surgeons of Ireland and General Internal Medicine Professional Certificate at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland memberships.

14. Dr Salwa Elkholy

Dr Salwa Elkholy is a cardiology specialist, and she has over 20 years of experience in non-invasive and clinical cardiology. She treats patients with coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, hyperlipidemia, heart failure, cardiovascular prevention, and chronic cardiovascular disease treatment. Dubai Health Authority is her license/ permit and holds professional memberships such as the European Society of Cardiology and Emirates society of Cardiology.

15. Dr. Mustapha Shaaraoui

Dr Mustapha Shaaroui is one of the best cardiologists in Dubai, and he has high skills to deal with cardiac Electrophysiology. He can communicate with patients in Arabic, English and French, and he has a Dubai health Authority license or permits. He has several professional memberships such as the American University of Beirut Alumni, Heart Rhythm society etc.

16. Dr Ghassan F. Nakad

Dr Ghassan F. Nakad is the best Interventional cardiologist, Radial Access Procedures, Bifurcations and complex lesions angioplasty, Structural Heart Disease, Transesophageal Echocardiography, TDI and Speckle Tracking Echocardiography are the clinical Focus of this Doctor. He has completed the Internal Medicine Diploma and cardiology Fellowship Diploma and shines as the best cardiologist in Dubai.

17. Dr Fekry El Deeb

One of the first interventional cardiologists in the Middle East is Dr Fekry EI Deeb, and he started his practice in 1986. He is recognized as a consultant and director of the cardiac catheterization laboratory in many top hospitals of Saudi Arabia. In his 25 years of experience, he has performed more than 10000 various coronary, valvular and peripheral procedures.

18. Dr Hassan El-Tamimi

Dr Hassam EI-Tamimi has completed his cardiology training in England and served as a cardiologist in Dubai. He is serving in the AI Zahra Hospital, and his clinical focuses are heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, echocardiography and colour Doppler etc. He also holds various professional memberships such as The European Society of Cardiology, The American heart association etc.

19. Dr Heyam Lukaz

Dr Heyam Lukaz has completed his bachelor in medicine and surgery in London and is considered the best cardiologist in Dubai. His 22 years of experience diagnosing and treating different heart problems and diseases such as heart attacks, cardiac failure, cardiovascular disease etc. He can speak four languages, and he has various professional memberships.

20. Dr Ahmed T.A. Gabroun

In the list of 20 best cardiologists in Dubai, the last Doctor is Dr Ahmed T.A. Gabroun, and he has a huge interest in ischemic heart disease, preventive cardiology and cardiac non-invasive diagnostic procedures etc. In this field, he has 19 years of experience serving in the Burjeel Hospital for advanced surgery in Dubai. When you feel Chest pain, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, you can visit this Doctor.

Bottom line: 

From kids to adults, everyone has heart disease at any age, and it is mandatory to consult the best cardiologist for finding a solution. Finally, the lists of doctors pointed out above are the 20 best cardiologists in Dubai and take time to analyze each. Once you have learned about each Doctor, choose the best one for you as per your requirements.  

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