1.Dr.Batras Homeopathy

Dr.Batras Homeopathy is situated in Dubai inside Dubai Healthcare city. The place is one of the best for homeopathic treatments and is well known for their treatments all over Dubai. They have treatments for any issues regarding hair, skin or any other ailments. The team of homeopathic skin specialists ensure that all their patients get top consultation and treatment and they get a verified scientific solution to their problems. Issues such as acne, vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema etc get treated easily here and majority of patients come here to get treated for this.

2.Dubai Homeopathy Health Center

Dubai homeopathy health center is situated in Dubai. It is a holistic healing center that provides chemical-free treatment and therapy to children, adults, families and elderly. The team at DHHC are an utmost professional team and treat their patients as family. They treat all medical conditions in a holistic manner, taking into consideration the feelings and emotions of the people. DHCC was the first classic Homeopathy treatment centre to have established in 2005, by Dr.Javed Hingora and the clinic is also licensed by Dubai Health Authority . Their specialized team treats children with special needs, does speech therapy, occupational therapy, vision therapy, physiotherapy, optometry using homeopathy techniques.

3.Dr.Shifa Homeo clinic

Dr. Shifa Homeo clinic is located in Duabi. Dr.Shifa who is the founder of the clinic graduated with a BHMS degree from India in Fr.Muller Homeopathic Medical College in the year 2008. She after graduation started working in many clinics in India as a homeopathic physician and even started her own private practice. Then she moved to UAE from India and started her own clinic which is the present Dr.Shifa Homeo which is running very well and has flourished to one of the top homeopathic clinics in UAE. At this clinic she has earned excellent patient reputation also as she attended and satisfied many patients from Russia, Egypt, Romania, India, Sri Lanka etc.

4.Good living medical centre 

Good living medical centre is a clinic situated in Dubai which has earned its names and is renowned for a lot of things such as its facilities, infrastructure, treatments provided and doctors. At good living medical centre, they focus on treating the underlying cause of an illness rather than reading its symptoms and treating based on that. Their clinic is said to offer best treatments in homeopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, psychology, dentistry etc with the best doctors. They consider their patients as part of their family and their satisfaction concerns them above all. They strive to provide top notch personalized healthcare and practice ‘Patients first’ policy ensuring their health is in good hands. 

5.German medical center 

German medical center is in the main city of Dubai and is a Dubai based specialized healthcare centre with professional and remarkable staff committed to providing top health care services to patients. This is their main vision and mission. They take pride in what they do and live by their mission. Their top staff specialize in all departments including orthopaedics, obstetrics, urology, gynaecology, andrology, family medicine, physical therapy etc all in one single, clinically-integrated service network.

6.Dr.Olga Habchi -Classical Homeopathy

Dr.Olga Habchi’s clinic in Dubai is quite famous for its treatment and name. the clinic is run by the founder herself, Dr.Olga Habchi. She is a specialiast OBS Gynae who completed her undergraduate degree and master degree in Russia in the year 1992. While practicing for medicine she got introduced to homeopathy which she liked and got determined to further study homeopathy to help her patients. Therefore, she completed homeopathy studies in Century College, UK followed by a course in Moscow and got into homeopathy. She is one of the few doctors in Dubai who practices and treats both allopathic and homeopathy medicine as she believes old and traditional medicine solves problems better.

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