Top 10 Orthopaedic Hospitals in Chennai 2024

With the rise of technological developments that are happening in the medical field, there is also an increase in the diseases that are developing. So, it is of great importance to maintain your health properly by consulting a doctor. If you are facing issues with joints, bones and various other movements, then it is better that you get consultation and proper medical advice from someone who is the best in the field. It is important to know the top 10 hospitals that can provide you with the best medical treatment, especially with orthopaedics. Here is the list of top 10 hospitals which you can consider while trying to choose the best one.

1. Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Group of hospitals is a complete famous and first-rate healthcare with the best team. The branch of orthopaedics is controlled with the aid of using a workforce of quite capable doctors, technicians and nurses. For patients who go through orthopaedic surgical procedures Separate unit devoted to remedying of orthopaedic defects is provided. The hospital also provides facilities like Rehabilitation centres like physiotherapy, occupational remedies supplied to sufferers who go through a surgical procedure like Robotic surgical procedure, minimally invasive surgical procedure, laptop navigated surgical procedure and different superior remedy strategies. All these had to restore orthopaedic trauma. Outpatient sessions to be had for clinical control of issues like arthritis. The Departments of orthopaedics and neurosurgery operate in coordination to deal with sufferers requiring backbone surgical procedures.

2. Fortis Malar Hospital

Formerly called Malar clinic, Fortis Malar has grown to be one of the maximum famed names withinside the healthcare enterprise of Chennai. The branch of orthopaedics is one of the first-rates in India and caters to a whole lot of clinical cases. The hospital is a 180 bedded I.P.D. Such as 60 bedded I.C.U. Separate unit devoted handiest to analysis and remedy of joint issues. It has a separate unit devoted to the analysis and remedy of issues affecting the spine. It also has Arthroscopy used for acting joint surgeries. Rehabilitation furnished to sufferers with inside the shape of occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Separate unit devoted to remedying of orthopaedic defects affecting new born babies Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy furnished to sufferers tormented by most cancers of muscle mass or bones.

3. Apollo specialty Hospitals

The tertiary degree of offerings presented at Apollo Speciality Hospital is ranked the various pinnacle throughout Chennai city. The branch grants advanced diagnostic answers and remedy strategies following the best code throughout. Computer navigation structures are used for bone, backbone and joint surgery. The robot-assisted mechanism is used for the remedy of complicated orthopaedic problems. There are so many Diagnostic facilities infrastructure the use of cutting-edge techs. Technologically infrastructure restoration suites for sufferers who’ve gone through important surgical procedures Rehab facilities with entire physiotherapy and assisted scientific courses. All these Sport remedy centres and orthopaedic devices are to be had on an equal campus.

4. Gleneagles Global Hospitals

Gleneagles Global clinic positioned in Chennai is a project pioneered via way of means of Parkway Pantai enterprise. The multi- strong point clinic is properly prepared with cutting-edge infrastructure and global magnificence scientific amenities. The branch of orthopaedics is taken into consideration to be many of the pinnacles in Chennai. Orthopaedic surgeons, hand surgeons imparting maximum excellent care along with backbone surgeons to all patients Team of fairly skilled health running shoes. And physiotherapists imparting rehabilitation care. Neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons are operating in coordination for the remedy of spinal disorders.

5. Prashanth Hospitals

Prashant organization of hospitals owns numerous nicely geared up and present-day tertiary care facilities throughout Chennai. The multi-forte health centre at Velachery is subsidized via way of means of a group of fairly green and skilled staff. The branch of orthopaedics makes use of all present-day strategies to deal with its patients. 24 hours trauma care unit for control of injuries, fractures, muscle rupture, ligament tear etc. Special KICK navigation gadget applied for joint substitute surgeries Fully geared up operation theatres geared up to address orthopaedic emergencies.

6. Apollo Group of Hospitals

Apollo Group of Hospitals is one of the maxima relied on and famed names with inside the healthcare enterprise. The institution owns a health facility in the Vanagaram region of Chennai. The health facility is a current tertiary care middle geared up with superior diagnostic and healing centres. The branch of orthopaedics caters to lots of sufferers from India and abroad.

7. Vijaya Group of Hospitals

Vijaya Group of Hospitals is a famed call withinside the healthcare enterprise of Chennai. A crew of capable staff, current infrastructure and clean availability of clinical facilities make the health facility one of the maximum desired facilities of remedy. Department of orthopaedics caters to lots of sufferers travelling from India and abroad.

8. Apollo City Centre Hospital

The orthopaedic facility at Apollo City Center Hospital symbolizes scientific excellence to deal with issues of bone and joints. It is geared up with properly educated orthopaedic medical doctors and surgeons professionals in extraordinary regions of bone and joint clinical procedures. Keeping useful fitness resources on the concern list, the health facility affords 24 hours of entire healthcare centres for trauma cases.

9. Billroth Hospitals

Billroth health facility has been a relied-on healthcare middle for the humans of Chennai due to the fact that its inception. The health facility homes all clinical and surgical specialities below one roof. The branch of orthopaedics affords maximum great of hospital therapy to all sufferers. With an extremely good infrastructure and quality clinical professionals, this hospital has grown to be a benchmark for remedy of each clinical ailment.

 10. Apollo First Med Hospital

Apollo First Med Hospital is a secondary degree healthcare facility acknowledged for its extremely good orthopaedic offerings throughout Chennai. The health facility has been keeping a super stability of era and human resources to offer an entire clinical bundle to deal with issues affecting the bone and joint. It gives quicker rehabilitation centres for a twist of fate and put-up surgical operation cases.

The bottom line

Thus, all these are the most special and great hospitals that have been ranked top 10 especially in the field of orthopaedics. If you have further doubts you can contact the hospitals for proper and updated information. All the hospitals provide the best medical facilities and great ambiance. They have complete 24/7 care and service desk that is happy to serve and help people.

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